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32 Year Old Man Killed by Bomb in Bangkok Car Park



Police inspect the car damaged by a handgrenade explosion that killed a man at an apartment building car park in Lat Krabang


BANGKOK – A 32 year old man has been killed by the explosion of a hand grenade  in a car park of an apartment complex on Monday morning.

About 8am on Monday, police received a report of a man injured severely by a bomb blast at an apartment complex in Lat Krabang district in Bangkok.

Wanchai Noomdee, 32, was found lying next to a pickup truck with severe injuries to his right hand, chest and stomach. He was rushed to a hospital but later dies of  his injuries.

His girlfriend Rattaporn Imkham said they were leaving for work but couldn’t get her pickup to move.

She then noticed something wrapped in a plastic bag placed by a wheel of the truck so she asked her boyfriend, who was in the passenger seat, to check it out.

“It was just a few seconds, I heard a loud explosion, I turned around and saw him lying on the ground covered in blood, so I called the police,” Ms Rattaporn said.

Ms Rattaporn alleged she had received threatening messages from Wanchai’s former girlfriend.

Wanchai had also been attacked by a group of men on Feb 15, she said.

She told police that her dead boyfriend also had a few arguments over parking spots with their neighbors in the apartment complex.

After an initial investigation, police believed the killer removed the safety pin from a hand grenade and placed it  the bag in a way that moving it would release the trigger and set off the detonator.

Police said the killer could be a bomb expert.

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