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The History of the Clothes Hanger



Clothes Hanger

A few hundred years ago, a blacksmith named Albert Parkhouse invented the modern clothes hanger. The wire-and-wood combination was not only more durable but also prevented wrinkling. By the early twentieth century, however, the use of these items had become common. That’s when a patented design for a hanger was patented. Other companies and individual users soon copied this invention.

Connecticut resident:

One of the first modern hangers was created by a Connecticut resident named O.A. North. Its features included a hook on the top and shoulder supports to help hang the clothing. The invention of the clothes hanger led to many variations, including collapsible models and other innovations. Today’s clothes baby hangers are designed to fit most closets and are an essential tool for women. Its history is filled with incredible stories, and it’s fascinating to learn about its development.

Cardboard Tube:

The first hanger was made from cardboard tubes. Several years later, Schuyler C. Hallett mounted the tubes on wire sections. The basic shape of a modern clothes hanger is two conjoined ovals. In 1890, he developed a wire-hunger that had three conjoined wires. This design was used to keep clothing in place while drying. As the hanger evolved, it became an integral part of clothes and garments in the home.

Before the advent of the clothes hanger:

The term “hanger” had different meanings. It originally referred to an executioner. It referred to a device from which things were hung in the late seventeenth century. In the mid-19th century, the term “hanger” meant a wire or wooden hanger. In 1860, O.A. North was credited with the invention of the modern-day hanger.

The History of the clothes hanger begins in 1869. An inventor in Connecticut called O.A. North had submitted a patent application for a similar device and incorporated a hook on top to support the clothing. He was not the first person to develop a modern hanger, though. A few years later, he created the first model of a modern clothes hanger that still exists today.

The first clothes hanger was invented in 1850. The invention of this helpful device dates back to the earliest days of the Industrial Revolution. In the early 19th century, people began using a hanger to hang their clothes. The idea was efficient and a woman would save money by hanging her clothing on the wall. The hanger had many uses and was often used to hold belts.

Afford a permanent home:

The History of the clothes hanger has many layers. Thomas Jefferson invented the wire hanger in 1775, but his idea was a little different than the current one. In the nineteenth century, the first coat hanger was made of wood. Elmer D Rogers invented the wooden coat hanger. After that, there have been many innovations. The wooden coat hanger has been used for hanging clothes and is an excellent option for pregnant women who cannot afford a permanent home.

Final Thoughts:

O.A. North created the first hanger. It was an oval-shaped, wire-shaped hanger with a hook on the top. The hanger was marketed to unions in 1869, and it became popular and valuable among workers. By the 1880s, it was a popular household item. A wooden coat-hanger is the first hanger traced to the early nineteenth century.




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