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Factors to Consider when Buying Preserved Flowers in Singapore



Preserved Flowers singapore

Preserved flowers are predominantly used on top of gifts, such as birthday presents, engagements, and weddings. They are also used in floral arrangements and as table decorations for holidays and celebrations. To buy preserved flowers in Singapore, take into consideration the following factors:

1. Length of preservation

For timely purchases, opt for preserved flowers that will last 3–5 years. As such, the purchase price will not be as expensive. Also when you want to buy preserved flowers in Singapore, it is worth noting that preserved flowers should never be stored at high temperatures or in direct sunlight. This can shorten the length of time for which preserved flowers will stay fresh and ensure their longevity in a variety of settings.

 Buying Preserved Flowers in Singapore

2. Location for display

When choosing preserved flowers for your home, opt for flowers that will look good in a variety of settings. As such, purchase preserved flowers that can stay fresh and remain vibrant despite being subjected to different lighting conditions or placed in different locations in your home.

3. Size of containers

The larger the container, the longer the period the preserved flower will stay fresh and vibrant. If you intend to keep the preserved flower for a longer period, opt for a larger container.

4. Storage conditions

Your preferred method of purchase should allow you to store your preserved flowers in the best conditions possible. If you live in a humid climate, purchase preserved flowers that are stored in cool and dry conditions or opt for flowers that are stored in special cases that help maintain proper humidity levels.


 Buying Preserved Flowers in Singapore

5. Type of preserved flower

In Singapore, there are many types of preserved flowers to choose from. Know specifically where to buy dried flowers online. Prior to buy preserved flowers in Singapore, familiarize yourself with the type you want to buy and determine if they will be a good fit for your lifestyle and preferences. Some varieties are seasonal, while others are perennial and year-round blooms. You may want to buy flowers that act as houseplants or can be grown outdoors during the summer months or those that require special care such as roses in hydrogel containers.

6. Style of container

The style of container you use for the preserved flower should complement the flower’s color and texture. For instance, a preserved rose in a vase will last longer than one set in a red vase. Knowing the type of container and its preferred placement can help ensure your preserved flower will stay fresh and vibrant and complement other decoration items in your home.

 Buying Preserved Flowers in Singapore

7. Prices

Prices for preserved flowers in Singapore vary depending on the type of flower, size of flower container, style of container, and length of preservation. For example, a preserved rose will cost more than a preserved alstroemeria or daisy. Additionally, the larger the container and the longer period of preservation you opt for will increase the purchase price as well.


When buying preserved flowers, consider the factors mentioned above to help ensure that your preserved flower lasts as long as possible. For timely purchases, opt for flowers that will last for 3-5 years. As such, you will be able to receive significant value for your money and buy more flowers than you would if you purchased the same flower immediately after it was cut from the plant. Also, when buying preserved flowers in Singapore, choose a variety of types and styles that will appeal to both your creative nature and your personality.


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