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Chinese Craze for Gambling Sparks Crackdowns in Thailand and a Boom in Philippines

The ban on gambling in Thailand goes back to 1935 and has more than 40 different laws and gambling regulations banning virtually all forms of wagering in the country. Many illegal Chinese Online Gambling Dens have been Busted.



There is a major casino craze of Chinese players betting on cyber casino games despite China’s strict ban on online gambling. Chinese high rollers are wagering millions playing baccarat, blackjack, roulette and other live dealer casino games online at popular Chinese casinos.

Because of the country’s strict anti online gambling policy, countless Chinese workers have migrated to the Philippines to serve the growing market. For the time being, it seems that The $24 Billion Online Casino Boom China Is Struggling to Halt according to a recent report on

Officials in Beijing have made it clear they intend to enforce the laws against offenders operating illegal online casinos from the Philippines.

The Crackdown Against Gambling in Thailand

Likewise in Thailand, there are very strict laws in our country that ban all types of gambling, both online and offline. There only two exceptions to Thailand’s anti-gambling policy which are horse racing and the nation’s lottery.

The wealthy and upper class in Thailand all go to Bangkok to bet on horse racing events. Other than that, there is a Thai government run national lottery held on the first and sixteenth of each month.

So, if you happen to travel here on vacation don’t expect to gamble at casinos. Other than online horse betting at offshore gambling sites. Or visiting the local horse races in Bangkok, your betting options are limited. The ban on gambling in Thailand goes back to 1935 and has more than 40 different laws. Gambling regulations banning virtually all forms of wagering in the country.

Chinese Create Online Gambling Boom in Philippines

Meanwhile, the online casino business is booming over in the Philippines. There has been a major influx of workers from China making their way to the Philippines over the last few years.

Migrant workers are usually twenty-something attractive females that work as live dealers for the Chinese online casino websites. Chinese are employed by the gambling sites’ call centers to handle customer service in Mandarin and Cantonese.

This wave of online gambling workers has created a real estate boom in certain parts of Manila such as Makati.

The South China Morning Post reports President Rodrigo Duterte hates gambling. But money talks and he won’t throw away his big chip in Chinese online casinos game.

One thing seems certain. Online gambling websites are here to stay. The faster governments can move to approve regulated online betting. The quicker they’ll be able to generate; taxable income, create new online gaming jobs and improve local economic opportunity.


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