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Spend Securely with SecureSpend



Spend Securely with SecureSpend

SecureSpend is trusted by businesses. How does it work? A SecureSpend card works like a debit card.

You may deposit funds and go on with your business in establishments or virtual transactions that use Debit MasterCard. It is called SecureSpend for a reason. It keeps your funds secure.

At the height of the pandemic, virtual transactions became popular. Online shopping is convenient and fast, and people have been resorting to it for shopping, ordering meals, booking flights and accommodations, and many other things.

Payment modes have also become easier. Though subject to many hackers and scammers, some payment modes are guaranteed secure.

One of the most affordable and safest ways to transact virtually is via SecureSpend. It functions like a debit card.

When you use it to pay for services or stuff, you only need to key in the needed information on the card with the OTP (one-time-only password).

The great thing about using SecureSpend is that it has several partner shops and stores. One hundred thousand stores accept SecureSpend as a payment option.

Another benefit of SecureSpend is that if ever there are concerns, the FDIC insurance covers your resources stored on the card.

Once you apply for a SecureSpend card, you will get the actual card via mail within a week. The only requirement is you need to be 18 years old and more to apply. For only ten dollars, you can have your very own card.

Another feature of the SecureSpend card is that it can function as a credit card, and you can re-deposit funds. You do not need to worry about spending more because it has no credit limit. When you use the card, there are no overdraft charges.

SecureSpend guarantees that your identity is secured as you make online purchases or use the card for other purposes.

The advantage of using SecureSpend is that you do not need to give out other pertinent details like your social security number.

The card is easy to use. You need not worry about your personal information being disclosed because since there is no registration, your account is private.

However, one thing you should take note of is that you should not spend beyond your first purchase.

Should there be any concerns about the card, just visit the SecureSpend site because their customer service is available at all times.

How to Use the Card

First, click debit or credit as a payment option. Do not choose a gift card.

Second, input the card information just like when you pay using a debit card.

Lastly, input your full name and billing address.

SecureSpend Activation

You must activate the SecureSpend card to fully enjoy its purpose. Once you place your signature on the receipt after choosing debit or credit, create a PIN that only you know.

Make sure not to share your PIN with anyone and that the PIN is strong, meaning not easy to guess. Do not input your birthday or your family’s birthday, as this would mean easy access for fraud.

People also ask if there is a chance that the SecureSpend card will be declined. Yes. When the available funds are insufficient, the card will be declined.

Luckily, there are some stores or business establishments which allow you to pay in two modes: partially with the SecureSpend card and then in cash for the remaining balance.

But this is not always the case. Always inquire if the establishment allows split payments.

Before using the card as a payment mode, ensure that the establishment allows payment via SecureSpend to avoid any trouble or hassle.

At least, you will be ready with your cash in case they do not have a partnership with SecureSpend, or you will choose another store that honors payment through SecureSpend.

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