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Op Shops or Thrift Stores – Small Guide on Where to Donate Clothes



Op Shops or Thrift Stores - Small Guide on Where to Donate Clothes

The reason for donating varies for everyone. Some just want to declutter their wardrobe while others are giving away for the greater good. If the clothes in your room have started to fill the rocking chair and the bed too, it is about time you consider giving away to charities in your local area.

Although the list of organizations collecting clothing donations and other items is pretty long, there are a few things to know before you decide where to drop off the charity items.

First of all, don’t get lost in the terminology. Thrift stores, charity shops, and resale shops are somewhat the same thing. It is just that people in different regions tend to refer to them with different names.

For example, instead of charity bins. Many donation places in Australia are commonly referred to as Op Shops. The term was invented in this country in the 1920s by a former Melbourne showgirl, Lady Millie Tallis, who wanted to come up with a name for a thrift store that was more dignified and interesting.

Now we come back to the real agenda, where you should donate clothes and what to know before you start giving charity to a thrift store. Let’s hop into the details!

Tips To Make Donations

1. Never put an item into donation boxes without considering its donation. One good rule to keep in mind is to ask yourself “Would someone like to have this?” If clothing is too worn out, stained, or smells bad, consider fixing these issues before you put it up in an op shop or thrift store. Moreover, some items may not be fit for donations at all. Then it is better to simply recycle it.

2. It also helps to check beforehand the list of items that a thrift store accepts before you take your donation box to it. For example, some places are open to all types of donations such as clothing, bedding, electronic appliances, books, toys, home decoration items, shoes, kitchenware, small or big furniture, sporting goods, etc. However, others may only accept selective donation items. Contact information of the majority of leading donation collection companies is available online. You can call or mail them for inquiries.

3. Pack your donation items carefully. You will make it easier for the thrift stores by packing items responsibly and labeling any packages that may contact breakable products. Moreover, it is suggested that you pack the items in plastic bags or boxes for maximum safety and wrap breakable items in bubble wrap or newspaper. Correct packing while ensuring that items do not break or get stained during the transfer to thrift stores. Want a useful suggestion? If you are someone who frequently donates, it is a good idea to hold onto boxes that typically come with online packages. They are ideal for packaging donations.

What Options Do I Have?

As I mentioned before, multiple organizations will take the clothing donations that you no longer want. These companies are known to help out people in different regions and are quite transparent in their operations.

One reliable company is Goodwill which takes clothing in good condition and other items as well. Goodwill then resells the donation items in its physical stores and uses the money to arrange jobs for the needy and train people in local communities for better work opportunities in the future. Currently, the US has more than 3,300 Goodwill locations.

Volunteers of America is another option that is composed of numerous local chapters which take clothing and household items as donations and sell it in their thrift stores. It uses the fund to help the homeless, provide them with affordable living options and assist with mental and physical health.

The Salvation Army collects used clothing, household, furniture, toys, and appliances as well. It sells most of these items in its thrift stores and then uses the money to help adults who are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse.

If you are not sure where to donate your used clothing, it is a good practice to look for a donation option near you through a simple online search. The map that pops up will highlight the places where you can start looking and then choose the ideal organization for your charity work.

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