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What You Need to Know About Smoking Hemp Flowers



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As cannabidiol (CBD) keeps trending, the smoking of hemp flowers is also burgeoning in places where the substance is legal. Testimonies from hemp smokers suggest that they derive a great deal of satisfaction from smoking their rolls. The next time you pull up to a restaurant, don’t be surprised to find out that hemp buds may just be within arm’s reach. But for those who are completely new to the world of smoking, it’s no wonder that they wonder why anyone would want to smoke cannabis products. Here is all that you need to know about indica vs sativa strains and smoking hemp flowers.

Why Do People Smoke Hemp?

The idea of smoking hemp gained a strong boost in 2018 when US lawmakers gave American farmers the green light to grow hemp. Since the Farm Act legalized the growth of hemp, for some, the temptation to smoke it has become irresistible. Humans, by nature, are inquisitive creatures.

The only barrier to smoking hemp has been federal restrictions. When American hemp laws were relaxed, US citizens took it upon themselves to explore the healing benefits of cannabidiol. The legalization of hemp, as well as the potential health benefits of CBD, contributed to popularizing the mass smoking of hemp flowers.

Even in American states where tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) laws are still strict, it’s not an offense for farmers to grow hemp or to use its products. However, there is one strict condition attached to the legalization — a hemp product should never contain a THC concentration higher than 0.3%.

That small percentage represents the thin line that differentiates hemp from marijuana. When a hemp product exceeds the allowed THC concentration of 0.3%, it’s no longer hemp but marijuana. As you may be aware, THC is very psychoactive and it’s defined to be a controlled substance.

CBD has no addictive properties

If you’re still wondering why people from all walks of life are joining the movement of hemp smokers, take a minute to think further. Smokers are simply having fun with hemp. Smoking Hemp Flower in public remains illegal in some regions. Having said that, smokers say it is relaxing and nothing compares to it.

The increasing popularity of hemp smoking is not hard to understand. The hemp plant (cannabis sativa) contains large amounts of CBD. Fortunately, according to some researchers, CBD has no addictive properties. It does not also mess with the mental function of users in the way THC does. Given this myriad of positive factors about hemp, it’s pretty easy to understand why smokers stay glued to their hemp flowers.

Want to know more about CBD? Visit Cannaflower and check out the CBD shareasale registration page.

Smoking Hemp and the Entourage Effect

Moving farther along, hemp also contains dozens of secondary cannabinoid substances such as flavonoid and aromatic terpene. In simple terms, this means that hemp smokers can choose flavors that appeal to their tastes without any fear of ruining their professional lives.

Secondly, the “entourage effect” is another reason which convinces smokers to use hemp until their last breaths. But what is this cannabinoid jargon all about? Well, in summary, the entourage effect refers to the mechanism by which various cannabinoids work together to give therapeutic benefits.

This means that all the natural chemical units of cannabis work in unison to effect greater healing effects. Although CBD works fine when consumed alone, it works excellently when taken together with a family of other natural cannabinoids. Smoking is one proven ground for testing the theories of the entourage effect, without risking yourself to the negative effects of THC.

Additionally, when smokers inhale smoke from hemp flowers, it goes directly to their bloodstreams. Because it bypasses the digestive system, smokers claim that smoking hemp flowers helps to deliver its potent effects faster as compared to applying hemp oils or eating hemp edibles.

Best Hemp Flowers for Smokers

With all the assorted cannabis strains in the market, how do smokers discover the right flowers to suit their taste buds? Here are three of the popular hemp strains for smokers.

Mr. Rainbow

Maybe you didn’t see that name coming. Forget about ROYGBIV, the 7 seven colors of the rainbow arch. Mr. Rainbow is a cannabis strain that is reported to have high amounts of CBD. Users feel hazy overtones melt with sweetness as they resonate through their lungs. Use a tabletop vape to have a blast with 22.3% of cannabidiol and feel like you’re on cloud nine.

Papaya Night

It’s a real sativa strain that’s light, fruity, and a bit lanky. Feel the effects of its vibrancy as Papaya Night from the vacuum seal greet your nostrils when you bask in the glory of this powerful CBD hemp flower.

Frosted Kush

This one is obvious — Kush is Cannabis indica, a marijuana variety that traces its origins to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Frosted Kush is a perfect match for hemp bud smokers who want to explore the nostalgic feelings of the substance without feeling high.

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