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Regulators Report Non-GamStop Casinos Flourishing Due to Pandemic



Why Skilled Online Gamers Use a Toto Site for Online Betting

According to GamStop and the UK Gambling Commission online casinos are getting more game play due to the pandemic. Punters game play has accelerated because of the COVID-19 pandemic when land-based casinos have been closed and people were looking for new forms of entertainment.

With modern technology, you can have an authentic playing experience in an online environment, making it feel like you are actually sitting at the casino table. There are two main types of online casinos from the UK market Thai players can consider.

There are UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licensed platforms which have strict rules and regulations in place on operators. Then there are non-GamStop casinos that offer players a lot more freedom and choice in all aspects of the casino playing process. This article will showcase the key differences between the two and highlight the great excitement that is often attached to non-UK casinos.

What is GamStop?

The awareness about the dangers of problem gambling is constantly growing. It is important that people are in control of their gambling and some people need to receive extra help in order to protect themselves.

The UKGC has a lot of restrictions in place on online casinos to try to help protect gamblers. These include slower spin speeds, lower bet sizes, and a ban on using credit cards. Every UKGC licensee also has to be affiliated with GamStop.

This is a non-profit organization that offers a self-exclusion service. This means that within a couple of minutes, someone can self-exclude themselves from accessing any UKGC-licensed gambling sites. The period varies between six months, one year, and five years. There is no way for someone to get out of this self-exclusion at an earlier date.

Are Sites Not on GamStop regulated?

Non-GamStop casinos will never be regulated by the UKGC, but they will often have another regulator that conducts oversight on the operations. This gives players a bit more peace of mind. One of the best regulators for these types of non-UK options is the Malta Gaming Authority. Then there are other common regulators like the government in Curacao and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Non-GamStop casinos also aim to quell the concerns of players as much as possible by making sure that they have extensive security measures in place. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a site that does not use encryption technology to protect important data. Games will usually be provided by reputable studios and be tested regularly to showcase their fairness. Finally, you will often be able to self-exclude if you need to on these non-UK sites.

Can UK and Thai players legally use non-GamStop sites?

Some people will likely be wondering if non-GamStop casinos are legal to play at if you are in the UK. There is no problem at all with UK players using these platforms as you have control over where you take your business when gambling online. If there is any issue with a casino site, it will be the operator itself that has to deal with it, rather than the players.

One key point to highlight is that non-GamStop casinos should not be used by someone who is looking for a way to get around their GamStop self-exclusion. Problem gambling is an extremely serious matter and you should avoid at all costs trying to gamble when you have previously committed to blocking yourself from all UK gambling platforms.

What makes non-UK casinos different?

If you are not really familiar with what non-UK casinos have to offer, then you might be in for a surprise. You are likely used to playing on the restricted UKGC sites where you have low bet limits, bans on certain types of game features, and caps on certain payment methods.

With non-GamStop casinos, you have a great sense of freedom. There will not really be major limits on bet sizes, so you can bet to your heart’s delight. Nearly every type of popular payment method is available, including cryptocurrencies and credit cards. As the game libraries on these sites are filled with thousands of games very often, you’ll know that you are not going to get bored.

All popular game types are covered, with dozens of developers often supplying titles. Some of these will be exciting new studios that have highly innovative features which might otherwise be not available on UK casinos. If you have used UK casinos for some time, you will likely be a bit tired of the stale selection of games that is available across these sites. This will not be a problem on non-GamStop casinos.

The icing on the cake for a lot of people are the bonus offers on non-UK gambling sites. These deals will very often be a lot bigger and easier to benefit from than those in the UK. Therefore, you can get a better bang for your buck.

GamStop Casinos vs Casinos Not on GamStop

If you are attempting to figure out which type of online casino is the best option for your needs, then it can be a useful exercise to compare the pros and cons of each category. That way you can take an objective look at the merits and downsides of both options.

GamStop Casinos


  • Trusted UK regulator
  • Plenty of help for problem gamblers
  • GBP always offered
  • Biggest studios supply games
  • A lot of consumer protection


  • Bans on certain game features
  • No credit card transactions
  • Strict betting limits

Non-GamStop Casinos


  • Large game libraries
  • No major betting limits
  • More lucrative bonus offers
  • Wider range of transaction methods
  • Fewer verification checks


  • Sometimes not well-licensed
  • GBP not always accepted

Ultimately Your Choice

If you are someone who is tired of the usual games that are a part of regular UKGC-licensed casinos and you want something fresh, then non-GamStop casinos could be the right fit for you.

While both types of online casinos have their owns pros and cons, there is all-around more choice and freedom with non-UK sites, while UK casinos offer more protection for problem gamblers. Ultimately the decision is yours which variation you’d rather enjoy for your online gambling needs.

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