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The Biggest Video Game Publishers and the Games they Have Made



The Biggest Video Game Publishers and the Games they Have Made

Studios, manufacturers, developers and publishers frame the professional world of video games. But who are the biggest video game publishers? Today we will disclose the biggest video game publishers. Their names and the games they have published are probably not unknown to you.

Action / adventure oriented games

There are many games that are oriented towards Action / Adventure. In this type of game, storytelling takes precedence.

  1. Sony Interactive Entertainment, created in 1993 in California and very powerful on the market, has notably published God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, or the much appreciated Marvel’s Spider-Man.
  2. Square Enix, initially created in Japan under the name Squaresoft in 1975 and then merged with the publishing house Enix in 2003, is responsible for publishing many of its titles. We find in particular the biggest RPGs (role-playing games) like Final Fantasy, where it’s popular to buy FFXIV Gil, Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest.
  3. Ubisoft, a French company created in 1986, is known for developing and publishing its flagship sagas, such as Assassin’s Creed and Beyond Good and Evil, but also for FPS like Far Cry.

Shooting games (FPS)

FPS, for “First Person Shooter” are first person shooter, or first person view (the player sees the action of the game through the eyes of the protagonist).

  1. Activision was born in 1979, before joining Blizzard Entertainment in 2007 and becoming Activision Blizzard. It is known worldwide for its FPS Call of Duty, one of the best-selling game series in the world and which today comprises 16 main episodes. It is such on big demand that players are constantly looking to buy CoD accounts to elevate their game.

Fighting games

Fighting games, more colloquially called fighting games, have been around for many years in several varieties, in 2D as well as in 3D.

  1. Bandai Namco Entertainment specializes in this type of games. The publisher was born in Japan in 2006 and then marketed many arcade games. Today, we find in its catalog of edition the famous Tekken, Dragon Ball FighterZ, or Jump Force.
  2. There is also a well-known fighting game from the American publisher (1993) Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment: it is Mortal Kombat, of which many experienced players have been fans since 1992. The publisher takes care of other licenses, like the Action / Adventure Batman Arkham Collection games or even LEGO games like LEGO DC Super-Villains.
  3. At SEGA, a Japanese company created in 1951 with specializing in video games and arcade in 2001, there are several fighting games like Virtua Fighter or Street of Rage.
  4. CAPCOM is also hitting hard, with the Street Fighter series. The Japanese company was founded in 1983 and also specializes in action / survival games, as it has managed to prove with Resident Evil or Devil May Cry.

Sports and racing games

Sports games are successful, especially when the sport in question is football.

  1. Electronic Arts has made its mark with the FIFA cult with the most recent 21st and you can buy it for a cheaper price when you’re looking for FIFA 21 cd key. Every year (in autumn more precisely), the American company born in 1982. The brand has its own EA SPORTS badge and also publishes MADDEN NFL, NHL, NBA LIVE and racing games are also available with Need for Speed ​​Heat.
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