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Learning What Online Casino Games You Should Avoid Playing



Learning What Online Casino Games You Should Avoid Playing

Every time when people visit a เว็บพนันออนไลน์ they confront many options for games. Now, if you take into consideration various kinds of video poker variations and slot machines then your options will expand to hundreds. But there are some online casino games that you must avert at any cost. It is important because these games do take gamblers’ money at a rate which is higher in comparison to other games.

Online casino games you should avoid:

3-Card Poker

This is one of the many casino games that you should avoid. This is chiefly because all savvy casino veteran gets lost in this game’s fast-paced action. For getting an opportunity to win a hand, a player needs to make two wagers. After players place two wagers sometimes the dealer when lacks a better or queen high provides only a single.


Keno has got a house edge of nearly 20 to 30 percent in the majority of the casinos. Commonly, this is the worst possible game that players can play. For getting an idea of how bad every game is on this list, you need to consider how much a person would lose on an average for every $100 he bets. For finding out this, you must multiply $100 by the amount in percentage.

When the house edge is 20 percent then you have to multiple $100 20 times and then you would get a loss of $20 for each $100 that you bet. Again, you change the 20 percent to a decimal when you move the decimal by two places and so, 20 percent will become .20. Now, when the percentage is lesser than 10 percent then you will get a 0 that would follow the decimal and so, 5 percent will become .05 and 3.5 percent will turn into .035. So, when a person bets $10 per draw ten times per hour then he is betting $100. Hence, a person will lose $20-$30 every hour playing Keno.

The Big Wheel

This game is popular by many names but they all propose terrible odds to the players. When you use a big wheel near a casino’s main entrance you can assume it to be a bad bet. At a time when players play the big wheel then they provide the casino an advantage of 11 to 24 percent based on the number they bet on and the house odds. So, for every $100 that players bet they lose somewhere between $11 and $24.

Slot Machines

Many readers will become surprised that slot machines are there on the list containing casino games that they should avoid. Nonetheless, the truth is slot machines propose some highly pessimistic percentages to the players. The house edge meant for slot machines do range from 2% to 15% and commonly, people fail to discover the machines that are better in comparison to others.

And so, even if they assign an impressive house edge of just 6 percent they lose $6 for $100 that is wagered. You must keep in mind that slot machines are commonly played faster in comparison to other games and if a player plays $2 per spin then he will be able to bet $500 and at times, more than this per hour.


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