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Do You Know The Stories of These Festivals in India?



India is the land of varied cultures, vibrant traditions, and blissful festivals. Celebrated throughout the year. Diverse festivals in India offers everyone a unique way of seeing India’s heritage, lifestyle, folklore, customs at their best.

Every festival celebrated on the soil of India, narrates a story that gives us an insight into Indian history, religious norms, and social practices.

We present you a list of India’s most celebrated festivals and the stories behind their origin, significance, and more.

Diwali– Festival of Lights:

Diwali, the festival of lights, happiness, and prosperity. It is celebrated to the victory of good over evil and darkness over brightness.

In Hindu mythology, the festival marks the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile and victory over Ravana.

In South India, it is a celebration to acknowledge the victory of Lord Krishna over demon Narakasura. Every year, it is celebrated on the 15th day of the Hindu month, which falls in either October or November in the Gregorian calendar.

On this day, people clean and decorate their houses with earthen lamps, electric bulbs, candles, flowers, rangolis, etc. Goddess Lakshmi– the deity of wealth is worshiped for prosperity and good fortune. The sky gets painted in fireworks, this day.

Raksha Bandhan – Festival of Siblinghood:

Across India, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated to commemorate the sacred love between brothers and sisters.

It is a beautiful festival where a sister ties a thread of protection (Rakhi) on her brother’s wrist wishing for his happiness, prosperity, and long-life.

This festival is celebrated in the month of Shraavana, which generally falls in August according to the Gregorian calendar. There are several stories about the origin of this particular festival.

One such story dates back to 7th Century when the Kingdom of Chittor was under attack from Bahadur Shah.

Rani Karnavati of Chittor could not protect her land, and, therefore, sent a rakhi to Mughal emperor Humayun in order to seek his help.

Touched by her this heartfelt gesture, Humayun agreed to defend Chittor. Exchange of gifts, relishing sweet memories together are the major attraction of this festival.

If your sibling is residing in another country, and, in case you are unable to be by his side. You can send online rakhi to him to convey your emotions and make him feel closer to you.

Holi: Festival of Colours:

It is the most vibrant festival of India. Throughout India, it is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima which falls around the month of March.

It is also known by the name of Spring festival. Second to Diwali, it is the most celebrated festival of India.

This festival has an ancient tale attached to it, it celebrates the killing of Holika, the sister of Hrinyakashyap.

On the eve of Holi, Holika bonfires are burnt and people observe fast.

On the second day of Holi, people gather to play with colours.

The Holi celebrations in Mathura and Vrindavan attracts tourists and pilgrims to its lap.

Now, as you all are familiar with the intriguing stories about these festivals, it’s time for you to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan and yet to come festivals with newfound perspective followed by golden zeal.

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