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Best Tips on Writing the Best Dissertation

Your dissertation is probably the longest piece of writing you’ve ever done, and it can be intimidating to know where to start.



A candidate dissertation is always a qualification work. You create a certain written work in which you show your qualifications. This does not have to be some breakthrough direction in science or practice.

But sometimes this concept — qualification work — is somehow simplified. It is believed that if you wrote several formulas or 150 pages of reasoning, the qualification work is ready and you can go to defend it. However, it is not. In any case, the Ph.D. thesis should contain at least a new look at some well-known statements of problems or some new solutions.

Never Waste Time

Every dissertation is the expenditure of certain intellectual and physical resources. Never waste time on narrow topics that are of no interest to anyone. You can not spend time on a dissertation, which will become obsolete before you will defend it.

You cannot spend time on a dissertation, which will be sent to the library and be forgotten in six months. Always try to choose the right balance of work value and effort. Any dissertation is an expended effort.

There should be an element of fundamentality in the work, do not just do technical work. You see, there must be some new look at the problem, this is not necessarily some kind of breakthrough in science, but at least something new must be.

The professionals from Rapid Essay claim that fundamentality is achieved very simply — you need new ideas, even quite simple ones, but there must be ideas. This applies to any sciences, not only mathematics, economics, and political science, there should be new models in the work, leading to new views.

Very often the tasks to be solved arise from the needs of the practice. Here you can understand the practice broadly, it is not only a specific request of a particular consumer. Analyzing a practical task, one can often come up with very general models.

Planning Effort and Time

Problem-solving always requires a lot of time. And graduate students often can not engage in science as they don’t have enough free time. It is essential to have free days, at least one day a week, and also Saturday and Sunday. Today you are investing in yourself. If you do not have these free days and then try to write a dissertation, nothing good comes of it.

Moreover, having a plan allows you to complete the work on time. There often happen situations when the student thinks that there is enough time, and he or she doesn’t need to start working right now. And then when the deadline is very close, the student can’t even find the necessary sources and create a structure for the work. The dissertation requires a lot of time and it is necessary to remember it.

Analysis of Publications

The most important thing for all graduate students: you need to read a lot, if you do not read, you cannot pretend that you know something in your field. You need to look through all the major magazines and, most importantly, books. It takes time. A dissertation without a good, qualified review is not a dissertation.

The supervisor can help by indicating which major journals to read, and which major articles in the field you need to know. It is very important that when you read, you must create for yourself a certain image of the field, this image is not created simply by listing the read works, you need a certain look.

Another important component of a good dissertation is a good education. Before starting any scientific work, you need to get some basic knowledge. Do not count on the fact that you will be able to get a serious scientific result easily. Science has existed for more than 4000 years and everything that could be obtained without education was obtained 3900 years ago.

Newton once said that he saw farther than others because he stood on the shoulders of giants. Do not forget about it, try to climb onto the shoulders of the giants, and an amazing landscape will open from there.

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