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The 3 Best Available Operating Systems For Online Gaming



There is simply no denying or disputing the fact that online gaming has changed. Heck, there was once a time when multiplayer gaming meant that you had to sit across from your friends and play. Sharing a single system with split screens on the TV.

You could literally see where every player was, what kind of weapons they were wielding, and what their strategies were. It is certainly safe to say that this is no longer the case at all. You can now game online with players from all over the world while you are in your home and they are in theirs.

Heck, you can walk down the street and play online game on your phone. All these changes have promoted for more sophisticated equipment and to run today’s games, you are going to need the very best operating systems possible.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows and being that Microsoft is at the top of the gaming world it only makes sense that Windows 10 would be tailor-made for gaming. It is extremely similar to that of Windows 8 but does offer some vast improvements. To start the entire system is just more efficient and streamlined.

This is not to say that the system didn’t struggle when it first came out because it did, but those bugs have been corrected. Another thing that makes Windows 10 excel is that it uses what is known as a Direct X 12.

There is no other OS out there that offers seamless support for Direct X 12 like Windows 10 does. Not only this, but Windows 10 systems allow the entire computing system to get more for the DPU and CPU chips installed in the system.


It probably comes as somewhat of a surprise to see Linux on this list. And, that is because these operating systems are more known for their security. Linux is an open-source OS, which means that it is much more secure than your traditional operating systems.

Due to the focus on the security of the system, it will be lacking a bit when compared to Windows 10 performance, but that doesn’t mean the Linux system isn’t capable of handling your gaming needs.

One of the reasons that the perform isn’t as good with the Linux system is because the ports aren’t as optimized. This might make gaming a bit slower, but you won’t have a problem taking advantage of online gaming like baccarat.


The MAC OS is another operating system that isn’t really known for online gaming. It is more known for its security and ability to repel viruses. However, this doesn’t mean that MACs aren’t good for gaming.

They do have some problems, but once you get passed these, your gaming experience will be like none other with their graphical capabilities. MAC computers are also well known for their impressive and outlandish graphics.

Just keep in mind that most games aren’t generally developed for MAC, which means that in order to offer them on MAC most manufacturers have to port over the original PC copies of the game.

This usually leads to the game not being optimized for prime performance.

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