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Author Keishorne Scott Saved Me From Heartbreak & Hopelessness

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Keishorne Scott, life, change

If you haven’t heard about Keishorne Scott, let me be the first to introduce this inspiring man who changed my life and the way I view myself. My ex-husband was toxic.

So toxic that I wanted to end my life. I know, but don’t judge me. I was completely broken and in a dark place. I was going through such a horrible time and my divorce tore me apart.

But finding Keishorne Scott’s Instagram page changed my entire life for the better. I wanted to die. I actually wanted to end my life, but God sent Keishorne to guide me through this pain. Let me explain to you who Keishorne Scott really is.

Keishorne Scott recover from heartbreaks

Keishorne Scott provides detailed strategies on the best ways to recover from the many heartbreaks in life, especially getting over your ex. Keishorne is a very notable speaker and author from Brooklyn, New York.

I came across is profile on Instagram and instantly fell in love with his videos and messages. He literally saved my life from a traumatic divorce with my abusive ex in 2019. God really knows who to put in your path to help you through your journey.

Mr. Scott is an bestselling author, speaker, influencer, breakup and heartbreaks coach, and entrepreneur. Keishorne is known for his millions of followers worldwide, workshops, seminars, and self-help books including the books L.I.F.E. and The Mouse, the Bird, the Dog, and the Lion: 3 Men to Avoid and 1 to Marry.

In 2017 Keishorne was listed on the Forbes as one of their top leading coach.

Mr. Scott has turned his life experiences into his life’s work to inspire those who have gone through what he went through. He has been on Good morning America, ABC News, News 12, Yahoo New!, and many more media outlets. His messages runs deep all over the world. He is touching many lives daily.

Check out this Instagram post by Keishorne Scott. It’s so good!

Keishorne Scott, life, change

This quote is so powerful!!! What I have learned from Keishorne, is that his priority is to motivate and inspire us all to do more with our lives and give back to our community, all while creating a path of success and positivity for us and those around us.

Keishorne is an amazing person, his post on Instagram and Facebook will change your life and take your heart from brokenness to wholeness real quick. He gets deep with his messages. So prepare to cry. And that is why he is my #1 influencer.

I encourage you to check him out. Keishorne’s company offers speaking engagements, panel discussions, workshops, conferences, seminars and reading material to men and women who need motivation, inspiration, guidance, healing, and a raw dynamic message to help transform their lives.

Mr. Scott you have changed my life and you are a huge blessing to this world. I love you and your amazing heart. Keep rising and changing lives sir. Follow him on Instagram @Keishornescott

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