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Amazing Ways To Control Cost While Moving



Moving not only includes the physical process of moving and packing but also makes a big dent in your financial health, especially when it is a cross-country move.

Often, a move costs much more than the initial quote due to hidden costs. These hidden costs might be a little duplicitous, while other hidden costs may be understandable.

The key to avoiding hidden costs is to work with a trustworthy and knowledgeable moving company.

Though a cross-country move can be extremely stressful and hard to plan, we are offering you to follow some tips given below to at least manage finances, so the cost doesn’t get out of control:

Downsize & De-clutter Your Belongings: 

The weight of your belongings largely determines moving costs and how much space they take up.

Downsizing your possessions can easily slash your moving costs and even help you earn extra money.

Following are some tips for downsizing before a long-distance move

  • Put up a garage or rummage sale to sell your unwanted and/or unused items.
  • Donate items to charities or local thrift stores, and they’ll pick up your old furniture or electronics for free in many states.
  • List your items for free on Freecycle.
  • You can consider selling your items online on sites including Craigslist, OfferUp (app) and LetItGo (app).
  • Donate clothes and accessories to your local homeless centre or women’s shelter.
  • And throw away or recycle anything that you can’t donate or sell.

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Professional Movers

 Though professional movers sometimes charge heavy amounts but implementing professional movers can sometimes save you money by saving you time, especially when you’re moving a long distance.

Don’t underestimate the difficulty of moving cross country by yourself. Most moving company estimates are based on the weight and distance of the move.

The basic costs to consider while hiring a professional mover are.

  • Rate of move
  • Packing services
  • Insurance
  • Hidden costs

You can save money by strategically planning your time with your movers, as movers often bill based on time spent in shifting.

Booking professional mover well in advance will save you a lot of time and money as you’ll have plenty of time to take advantage of specials and discounts.

You’ll also have the chance to check out the moving company’s reputation by reading online reviews.

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Compare and Hire the One with Better Pricing

 Don’t just settle for the very first company that you see online instead, do proper research before hiring a professional moving company.

Consider calling representatives from each moving company for an on-location survey and price quotations. When you find a lower price from one company, talk to the others and tell them about it.

Choose the one that offers the best services at lower prices.

Packing Materials

 Packing materials also impact the total moving cost. You should consider investing in quality packing materials for the smoothest move possible.

Though you can get old cardboard boxes from some grocery stores, they can be flimsy and fall apart during the move, so buying fresh and strong packing materials is very much recommended.

Don’t hesitate to invest in some dishware boxes to protect your most fragile items. Packing materials include Boxes, Packing tape / labels, Mattress and furniture covers, bubble wrap, packing sheets, markers, and packing bags.

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Transportation Costs

Transportation of goods from one place to another is one big factor in your overall moving cost.

Especially if you’re moving further than 50 miles, including this factor in a prime position in your moving budget template.

Moving costs can quickly escalate when moving larger house; for e.g. the average cost to move a 3-bedroom house across the country is approximately $7,800. This expense can burn a big hole in your pocket; hence, it is advised to carefully look at your moving costs and compare a few movers before you deposit an advance.

Don’t forget to talk to tax professionals about deducting your moving expenses from your taxes if you’re moving far away for a different job.

The transportation, including Car shipping, Fuel / car maintenance, and Lodging, should be counted prior.

Real Estate Costs

Real Estate costs are the costs that take up a major part of a moving budget, yet we forget them while making our budget template.

Be clear about all the various fees and deposits that will be required at the time of moving into a new house.

If you are renting a house, then be sure to understand what utilities you’ll be responsible for paying and what utilities will be provided by the landowner.

Various real estate costs may include Lawyer / realtor fees, Home inspections, Cleaning and repairs, Mortgage down payment, and Rental deposits.

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Storage Costs

When we move too far places then, sometimes the next place we’re going to live isn’t quite ready yet. In such conditions, renting a storage unit becomes an integral step in the moving process.

These costs may include Storage unit rental, Insurance, moving to/from a self-storage facility, and Lodging costs.

 Miscellaneous Costs After Moving In

When you move cross country, you are often unable to take all your belongings along and also, if this is your first move to an apartment, you’ll have many more items on this section of your moving budget template.

Household essentials that you may require at your new apartment may include utility set up, furniture, appliances, and other misc. household items.

This list can be customized per your particular requirement, but don’t forget to include it. Even small expenses like toilet paper and paint can add up quickly.

The best way to keep your expenses under control while you are moving house is to use a moving cost calculator.

By calculating the expenses in advance, you can make necessary arrangements beforehand and enjoy an affordable move.







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