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How to Best Protect and Secure Your Startup Technology



While the fame of the likes of Bill Gates can come with obvious setbacks, many people dream of one day becoming the next leading pioneer in technology.

Setting the standards for how companies operate with the use of their technology is the big dream, and the path to that position often begins with a startup tech company.

In order to shield your place in the market, you will want to take all the steps necessary to protect your brand.

Legal Protection

If you and your team have created something truly unique, then getting a patent will protect your idea from being stolen – on legal grounds at least.

It prevents your intellectual property from being exploited by other similar tech companies, and also aids the process of getting proper recognition.

On top of a patent, it might also be a wise idea to invest in professional legal help to clear up any uncertainties.

A lawyer can give you a solid understanding of what you are entitled to legally and how you can go about solidifying it.

They may also come into their own should you have any lawsuits regarding the ownership or patent of your technology.


Any business, whether it’s creative, tech-based or otherwise, should get business insurance.

Insuring the cost of your premises, possessions and other legal factors could be a life-saver in any future mishaps.

Everyone makes mistakes, particularly in a startup business, and insurance gives you a much-needed safety-net for any eventuality.

Being able to receive a payout when you most need it can make a rainy day truly just a temporary phase.

Cloud protection

As a technology startup, you will be profoundly aware of the shift from hardware to cloud storage.

While hardware came with its own risks, such as the ability to be physically stolen, the threat of anything magnetic and the ability to randomly corrupt, cloud software comes with its own security threats.

Installing renowned protection software such as McAfee cloud security will help to give you some assurance that your online information is safe.

Prioritize your protection

As is illustrated by trends in social media, there are some features which will be echoed throughout all technology.

For example, the self-destruct video format of Snapchat was replicated on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

It’s therefore wise to pick your battles. A side-effect of something you create might become popular, and it might be impossible to legally protect it.

Therefore, you should pick your battles.

What is quantifiably your invention? What should only be associated with your brand?

It’s these certainties that should legally protect – not the insignificant ones.

Protecting your startup firm is incredibly important. Not only does it stop bigger, hungrier tech firms from stealing your ideas, but it also gives you some integrity.

It shows other startups that you not only take yourselves seriously in the market but that you are not to be messed with in legal terms. It also keeps your head above water – should the worst happen.

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