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Best Essay Writing Services: 5 Top-Rated Essay Writing Sites



Essay Writing Sites

With the increase in the adoption of online education, many students have been turning to essay writing services for academic writing assistance. However, the problem lies in the ability to choose a writing service that ticks all the boxes, especially when it comes to quality, affordability, and reliability. We present you with five top-rated essay writer sites that can help you realize the dream of writing quality essays.

Best essay writing sites

  • – Best essay writing service
  • Writing-Help – Affordable essay writing services
  • RapidEssay – Fast and efficient help services
  • CopyCrafter – Professional tech and non-tech writing service
  • Bid4papers – College essay writing service

EasyEssay is the best and most sought after essay writing service. The company offers quality and affordable academic writing help. Below is a review of, Rapid Essay, CopyCrafter and bid4papers.

1. – Best essay writing service – Ranking 4.5/5


  • Simple ordering process
  • Free revision
  • Free plagiarism checking


  • Users experience slow order cancellation.

Why use

If you’re looking for a writing service that is easier to order from then this is the best choice. has a user-friendly website that makes navigation easy for customers.

Who shouldn’t use EasyEssay?

Using EasyEssay, you can’t cancel the completed order. In addition, the process of canceling a mistaken order is very slow.

EasyEssay Ranking: 4.5/5

Quality – 4.5/5

EasyEssay promises to deliver high quality papers. The company hires professional writers with enough experience in essay writing.

Time taken for completion – 4.5/5

You can get essay writing help in 14 days at $15 per page.

Cost – 4.5/5

Academic writing help starts from $10 per page for an essay paper with a deadline of 14 days.


Many students have recommended EasyEssay as the best essay service due to its commitment to quality writing help.

2. Writing-Help – Affordable essay writing services – Ranking 8.5/10


  • Plagiarism free guarantee
  • Produces original papers
  • Has experienced writers


  • Requires some personal information

Why use Writing-Help?

Writing-help is good for students because it has a team of experienced writers to handle students’ orders. The experts produce original and high quality essay papers.

Who shouldn’t use Writing-Help?

What makes students fear the Writing Help service is that they ask for some private information. This makes more students avoid the service as there is the risk of data breach or the company sharing the data with third parties.

Writing-Help Ranking: 8.5/10

Quality – 8.5/10

The quality of papers produced by this service is appreciated by most customers.

Time taken for completion – 8.5/1

It takes 4 hours to 1 month for completion of your paper.

Cost – 3/5

Prices increase with academic ranks and number of pages.


Even though the papers satisfy all the academic wants, it’s important to consider your privacy.

3. RapidEssay – Fast and efficient help services -Ranking 4.9/5


  • 24/7 customer support service
  • Mastery of the major formatting style


  • Charges for plagiarism checks
  • Writers may delay in terms of paper delivery
  • Charge on sample papers

Why use RapidEssay?

RapidEssay is available 24/7 online to help the students do their assignments.

Who shouldn’t use RapidEssay?

RapidEssay has additional charges on plagiarism which makes it expensive. The unforeseen charges make it a less favoured choice.

Rapidessay Ranking: 4.9/5

Quality – 4.9/5

Even though RapidEssay charges very high, it provides high quality paper outcomes. This is the best writing service for learners who are ready to spend luxuriously for writing help.

Time taken for completion – 4.9/5

Writing services are cheap, starting from $10 per page.

Cost – 4.9/5

RapidEssay charges from $15 per page. The charge is relatively affordable for students.


RapidEssay is the most expensive writing service. However, it stands as the best in terms of the quality of papers. Spend more and gain more!

4. CopyCrafter – Professional tech and non-tech writing service – Ranking 9.02/10


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Money back guarantee


  • Complete assignment late
  • Papers of poor quality

Why use CopyCrafter?

They are available online round the clock to help you write your dissertation. In addition, the company guarantees refunds whenever you feel unsatisfied with the service.

Who shouldn’t use CopyCrafter?

CopyCrafter has been cited by many students to be unreliable in terms of the delivery. Most writers delay with assignments, putting students at risk.

CopyCrafter Ranking:9.02/10

Quality 4/10

CopyCrafter produces assignments of poor quality. The service is not ideal for students looking for expert academic writing help.

Time taken for completion – 9.02/10

Time for completion runs from 4 hours to 14 days.

Cost – 9.02/10

Prices for CopyCrafter writing help starts at $17 and increases with the quantity of work.


CopyCrafter is a good writing service for tech and non-tech subjects. However, it isn’t the best option if you’re looking to save time.

5. Bid4papers – College essay writing service – Ranking 10/10


  • Services are confidential to protect customers
  • Buying papers is easy
  • Payment is made after completion of the whole assignment


  • Long and delaying procedure for monetary refunds.

Why use Bid4papers?

Bid4papers is a highly confidential and privacy-centered writing service. It prides in offering quality academic writing services on the go.

Who shouldn’t use Bid4papers?

Bid4Papers stands out as one of the best academic writing sites. However, if it isn’t the best service for STEM-related subjects due to the lack of highly specialized engineering and programming writers.

Bid4paper Ranking:

Quality – 9.64/10

Bid4papers writers understand their disciplines well. For this reason, they are able to deliver high quality papers that meet students’ expectations.

Time taken for completion – 10/10

Time to complete your work runs between 48 hours to 1 month. This will allow you to plan on your time and finances.

Cost – 10/10

Prices of using Bid4papers starts from $12 per page for projects with a deadline of 14 days.


Bid4papers is a quality-oriented academic writing site. The platform employees experienced professionals who understand the mechanics of writing and can deliver original papers. If you’re looking for a non-tech subjects writing platform then this is the best choice for you.

What to look for while picking the best Essay writing service

Choosing a writing service can be a daunting service. While we have selected the top five best services, there’s a need to understand specific features to look out for. Here are tips on how to select the best essay writing service:

  • Reviews from customers. Check customer reviews and testimonials to gauge whether a service can meet your needs. Select a positively reviewed company as it’s likely to provide the best papers.
  • Customer support. Select a service that has a round the clock customer service team. This ensures all your complaints and issues can be addressed on time.
  • Writers’ expertise. Writers’ expertise is a major factor in academia. When picking an essay writing service, focus on those who hire graduate writers since they are experienced in the writing domain. This ensures you receive professional assistance for academic success.

Chart a path in the writing career

Essay writing is one of the most fulfilling aspects of academia. It gives you the chance to explore your creativity and come up with works that can help to mirror your understanding of the given topics. This post readily helps you make a choice of the best academic writing help service to ensure you have a good head start in the profession.


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