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5 Reasons Why Custom Packaging Beating Generic Packaging



Custom Packaging

Are you still facing any issues to escalate the brand reputation and sales? Brands enhance the ROI and annual budget by using creative and customized packaging boxes, which uplift the product quality for the end-users. Custom packaging with advanced solutions and innovations gives a new lift to the product packaging to make it stunning for the customers.

Custom Packaging VS. Generic Packaging

Before starting conversations about why custom packaging is better than generic packaging, we need to know some facts. According to Zipdo, around 72% of customers purchase products by influencing the packaging designs. Moreover, 60% of customers want to buy products that can be packed in recycled packaging boxes.

Imagine whether product manufacturers can achieve all the requirements using generic product boxes. The answer is no; that’s why they choose alluring packaging boxes that are incredible and give a strong competitive edge to other businesses.

Generic packaging is common and does not even provide solutions for customers who want to personalize their products with creative artwork and information. On the other hand, custom packaging boxes allow customers to pick any style and content to print, helping them build brand recognition. This article explains the features that enable custom product packaging to beat premade solutions.

Ensure Outstanding and Smooth Unboxing

Customised solutions allow businesses to pick options that enhance the product’s beauty for target customers. By using high-end packaging solutions, businesses make custom boxes stunning to grab the audience’s attention. Magnetic closures and bookend box styles are perfect for bestowing seamless unboxing experiences for customers and fascinating them.

They insert thank-you notes and personalised cards in the box, which helps audiences buy the product at any cost. Recently, the majority of people uploaded their unboxing videos on social media platforms. Therefore, bands try their best to fabricate product boxes that are up to the mark for customers who trust the brand.

Printed Custom Boxes-Connect With Customers

Businesses that want to build a large audience base and connect with more people prefer to buy custom-printed boxes with custom content that contains brand details and promotional content to promote the product in the industry. Premade boxes do not allow the adoption of any personalised packaging options to grab the audience’s attention. So, customize the product content with a unique font style that creates brand identification on the overcrowded retail shelves.

  • Brand name
  • Logo
  • Ingredients
  • Usage
  • Taglines
  • Precautions/ instructions
  • Barcodes and QR code

By printing personalized advertising content on the box, a brand is capable of interacting with each customer who uses the products to become word of mouth. Custom Boxes Only offers free design support for customers who order custom product boxes.

Bestowing Options to Uplift Sales with Sustainable Packaging

Around 64% of customers say it’s mandatory for them that a product’s packaging reflects environmental values. Thus, businesses can print sustainable environment content and material selections only when they go for custom-made boxes instead of generic boxes. Therefore, custom box packaging can be made sustainable by printing content on the box that promotes a green environment.

In addition, brands have started using cardboard and Kraft-made packaging boxes with high-end printing techniques like digital, screen, and offset printing. Kraft is one of the famous eco-friendly materials that absorbs sogginess and moisture with prowess tear-resistance capability.

Standout in The Industry With Custom Boxes Styles

Unique product box styles give distinctive product views, helping businesses provide tough competition to rivals. For this purpose, companies research to find out the latest packaging trends and styles competitors adopt. This research allows companies to pick out-of-the-box and innovative product packaging for their products that have multiple features to engage customers.

Go for a unique custom packaging style that keeps the product safe and secure when shipping. Also, they are able to choose functional custom box styles that are used as perfect retail–ready packaging solutions. These boxes are accessible in custom sizes to meet the product needs with quirky dimensions and shapes. Here is the list of styles that help businesses give quirky presentations of their products.

  • Top-tuck-end
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Sliding boxes
  • 123 auto bottom closure
  • Gable boxes
  • Pyramids shape boxes
  • Open top seal-end boxes
  • Telescoping boxes

Furthermore, you want product display boxes that showcase tiny products with captivating quality. In that case, you must go for countertop display boxes, which take up minimal space and force customers to make last-minute purchases.

Spellbind Customers with Alluring Artwork

Generic product boxes don’t have any customized artwork on the box, which makes them attractive to customers. Custom boxes wholesale offer an opportunity for the brand to print esthetic artwork on the boxes that engage customers. When a business palace orders customized goods boxes, they can receive 3D mockups and physical samples to ensure who they look like in real.

Therefore, businesses hire packaging designers to fabricate the alluring artwork for the printed product boxes. Also, you may play with intricate lines, floral patterns, and abstract and geometrical shapes for outclass product packaging for the customers. Moreover, it is up to the business to choose artwork and only print the brand names and logos with unique font styles to make them perfect.

Engaging and bold colors with white pops are stunning, making the product view breathable, minimal, and captivating to customers. Choose a trustworthy packaging supplier for custom packaging who has expertise and is reliable with customers.

Wrapping Up Above Thoughts

The gist of the discussion above explains why custom packaging beats generic packaging in the recent market industry. Custom product boxes offer smooth unboxing experiences for the customers to engage them. Unique styles give distinctive product views for customers to captivate them from a long distance. The application of attractive artwork on the packaging of boxes makes them enthralling masterpieces for customers. So, increase the brand recognition by using fabulous and scenic custom boxes to stand out in the pool of competitors.


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