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ChiangRai on Dengue Fever High Alert



Dengue Fever Outbreak Worsens


Chiangrai Times – Public health officials in Chiang Rai province are on high alert to prevent and contain dengue fever outbreaks among locals. Dengue fever has spread in Chiang Rai following heavy downpours, with some 170 cases reported this month and 550 this year, Thai News Agency reported. No deaths have been reported so far.

Chiang Rai’s public health chief Dr. Chamnan Hansuthivejjakul has ordered public health offices across the province to increase spray work from three to four times a week to get rid of fever-carrier mosquitoes.

170 cases reported this month and 550 this year,

Areas at risk include those along the border in Mae Sai, Chiang Saen, Chiang Khong and Terng districts.

Dengue is transmitted by the bite of an Aedes mosquito infected with any one of the four dengue viruses. It occurs in tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world. Symptoms appear 3—14 days after the infective bite. Dengue fever is a febrile illness that affects infants, young children and adults.

Symptoms range from a mild fever, to incapacitating high fever, with severe headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, and rash. There are no specific antiviral medicines for dengue. It is important to maintain hydration. Use of acetylsalicylic acid (e.g. aspirin) and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g. Ibuprofen) is not recommended.

Dengue haemorrhagic fever (fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, bleeding) is a potentially lethal complication, affecting mainly children. Early clinical diagnosis and careful clinical management by experienced physicians and nurses increase survival of patients.

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