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Jen’s English Tips – Hand idioms





Hand idioms: Idiomatic expressions using the word hand


Experience something at first hand – To experience something at first hand is to experience it directly. This is different from learning about it through others.

Give someone a free hand – To give someone a free hand is to give them the freedom to act.

Gain an upper hand – When someone gains an upper hand, they become more powerful or victorious.

Get your hands dirty – To get your hands dirty is to engage in an activity that may not seem appealing. This expression is also used to talk about engaging in illicit activity.

Give your right arm – If you say that you would give your right arm to have something, you mean that you would like to have it very much.

Hand it to someone – To hand it to someone is to give them credit for something

Hand something to someone on a plate – To hand something to someone on a plate is to make it easy for them to have it.

Have your hands full – When you have your hands full, you have got quite a few things to keep you busy or engaged.

Done with a heavy hand – If something is done with a heavy hand, it is done in an oppressive manner.

Keep somebody at arm’s length – To keep someone at arm’s length is to maintain emotional or physical distance from them because you believe that they might have a bad influence on you.

Know something like the back of your hand – To know something like the back of your hand is to be thoroughly familiar with it.

The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing – Used to imply that one body associated with another is not aware of the actions of the second body

Lend a helping hand – To lend a helping hand is to help.

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