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Jen’s English Tip’s – Catch and Teach






‘Catch’ and ‘teach’ are examples of irregular verbs – or verbs that don’t end in ‘-ed’ when they are in the past tense. Here’s a look at the different forms of these verbs and how you can use them in a sentence.

To ‘catch’ can mean to get something using your hands.

You ‘catch’ a ball.

The past tense is ‘caught’.

‘She caught the ball quite easily.’

You also ‘catch’ fish.
It is a good day to catch some fish.
‘He’s caught some fish.’

You also catch an illness.
Be careful or you might catch a cold.
He caught a cold.

To ‘teach’ is to instruct.

Do you teach children?

The past tense of ‘teach’ is ‘taught’.

‘She taught him how to kick a ball.’


All of Jen’s students say she is the best Thai teacher they have had because she is patient with them and teaches at their pace with no pressure to learn quickly.

Jen teaches at her home in Chiang Rai and can be reached on 0814 726 644

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