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Gen Prayuth Say’s “Super Board” Set up to Oversee State Enterprises





BANGKOK – A so-called “Super Board” was set up to formulate policies and measures for exercising tougher control over various state enterprise boards, according to army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha.

Gen Prayuth, also a leader of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) said there was no intention to cause damages to business operations or to accumulate benefits for NCPO.

“We want to adopt transparency measures and provide equal benefits for the public and the nation. In the next phase, we will revise the system of determining clear proportions of benefits sharing among the state, stockholders and the public, he said during his weekly TV address late Friday.

In tackling problems of corruption, Gen Prayuth said that the current corruption scrutiny process has been carried out over the past one month by the NCPO.

For any work plans or projects of governmental agencies that were found to be suspicious or have sound evidence of the wrongdoing, the cases will be expedited.

“Currently we are in the selection process for members of the State Audit Commission, to be completed within 60 days. The Commission will examine any projects deemed to be problematic,” he said.

As for the rice-pledging scheme, Gen Prayuth said that NCPO have started inspections and found that at least 80,000 – 90,000 sacks of rice worth about Bt60-70 million were missing from the rice mills.

The 100 inspection teams set up by the NCPO would inspect rice mills nationwide in conjunction with auditing past accounts from before May 22 for their accuracy.

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