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Briton Tony Kenway, 39, Gunned Down in Broad Daylight in Pattaya Thailand



Mr Kenway was found dead behind the driving wheel of his Porsche Cayene GTS with one gunshot wound above his right eyebrow.



PATTAYA – Nong Prue Police in Pattaya has reported that a 39 year-old British National was shot dead while sitting in his car in Pattaya on Tuesday by a hired gunman.

Police reported the CCTV surveillance captured a gunman follow, Tony Kenway, 39, to his Porsche Cayenne GTS and when he entered is vehicle the gunman shot him at point blank range and then sped off on a motorcycle.

Eyewitnesses told police the killer was a chubby man, wearing a white T-shirt and a black jacket, sports shoes and a cap that partly hid his face. He had been seen standing under a shelter in front of a fitness shop.

Police collected a single spent bullet cartridge case and a cigarette butt from the crime scene for examination.

Kernway’s wife Somporn, 32, told police her husband  had set up a company doing website design at Jomtien Beach. He lately had a business conflict with a shareholder, but she did not know if this was the motive for the murder.

Police were examining CCTV footage from security cameras in the area and questioning more witnesses.

Colonel Jirawut Tantasri of the Nong Prue Police said: ‘We have started an investigation and we are looking for the attacker. Police are also investigating links to Mr Kenway and foreign ‘boiler room’ gangs in Pattaya.

Source: Bangkok Post, Thai PBS, Daily Mail

CCTV Captures the Killing of Tony Kenway – Daily Mail

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