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Nok Air Flight Loses Front Wheel on Landing at Mae Fah Luang Airport in Chiang Rai



Nok Air flight DD 8714 left Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport at 8.05am and touched down at Chiang Rai at 9.15am.

CHIANG RAI – Airport Officials have reported that the left wheel of the nose undercarriage of a Nok Air passenger plane fell off as it landed on Thursday morning at Mae Fah Luang airport in Chiang Rai.

Nok Air flight DD 8714 left Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport at 8.05am and touched down at  Mae Fah Luang airport in Chiang Rai at 9.15am when the front left wheel of the nose wheel assembly fell off because one of the bolts came loose, Nok Air chief executive Patee Sarasin said.

The right wheel was able to hold the weight of the Boeing 738 and prevent the fuselage falling on the runway, All 162 passengers and cabin crew of flight DD 8714 connecting Bangkok and Chiang Rai were safe.

“The pilot felt that the landing was not soft as normal and then slowly piloted the plane to the drop off point and later found out that an axle was broken and a wheel was missing, the passengers weren’t even aware of the issue Patee Sarasin said.

He said the passenger plane, which went into service with the airline four years ago, should be repaired within a day and the incident will not affect Nok Air’s flight schedule.

“There was no danger and everything’s been dealt wit, it’s just a stumble and definitely not an emergency,” Mr Patee said, however Thailand’s Airport Authority has called for further investigation into the planes service history.





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