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Jack Frost (Mae Kha Ning) has arrived in Chiang Mai at Doi Inthanon




Thai tourists stop to photograph frost at Doi Intanon in Chiang Mai.



CHIANG MAI – The First winter frost of the year can be seen at Doi Intanon, the highest mountain in Thailand, as temperatures dropped to 3 degrees Celsius.

Several mountain tops in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai have become colder as the temperatures are declining continuously. The temperature at Doi Intanon was recorded at 7 degrees Celsius in the morning.

The temperature at the popular trail ‘Kew Mae Pan’ has reportedly dropped to 3 degrees Celsius earlier today. The cold winter weather is expected to attract a large number of tourists to the province.

Winter frost can be spotted on grass in some areas of the mountain where the temperatures are below zero degree Celsius.

Get a warmer jacket and add some more blankets to your bed as the Meteorological Department said temperatures are forecast to drop by 2 – 4C further in the northern region of Thailand.

The Meteorological Department said there would be fog in the morning and strong winds in the northern region. The lowest temperatures will be around 12 – 15C in the upper part of the region. The lower part will be slightly warmer and frost will be found on some mountain tops.

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