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Why is Product Packaging Now Part of The Marketing?



Why is Product Packaging Now Part of The Marketing?

The universe revolves around packaging! In the realm of food and consumer goods, at least. Do you believe that’s an exaggeration?

Exactly, imagine today’s grocery/retail store aisle without efficient product packaging. Products that are not properly packaged are unlikely to succeed, and customer happiness will be minimal.

Because of the advancement of new packaging materials, makers and distributors have an almost limitless number of primary packaging options, including boxes, pouch packaging, displays, bottles, composite cans, and flexible packaging, to name a few.

Use Packaging to Communicate Your Message

While your packaging can serve as a mobile billboard for your brand, it is also an excellent method to communicate directly with your customers. The ‘facing’ of packing is its front.

This is where your portable billboard comes in; its purpose is to display your brand and draw attention to your product, while also distinguishing your brand from rivals. The message you want to communicate on the front should be brief but powerful.

Customer Experience

While many businesses devote significant time and effort to the design and conception of their product, packaging is frequently an afterthought rather than a priority. The truth is that packaging is now an essential part of the customer experience.

Customers are more likely to turn to online reviews by other customers who have already purchased your product, especially as e-commerce takes over the retail industry.

When a customer opens the box, it should elicit a positive emotional reaction or sentiment. Some packaging choices are more tactile than others. Pouch packaging, for example, provides a close relationship between the customer and the product, and they are popular because they take up little room.

Your Product’s Image on the Shelf

There are thousands of products on the market, and there are almost certainly thousands of products that are comparable to yours. One-third of customer decisions are solely dependent on product packaging. This is why your packaging will have the greatest effect on sales.

It all comes down to first perceptions. Customers engage with your packaging first, both in-store and online, which is why differentiating your product from the competition begins with your packaging.

It’s there to help your goods look nice on the shelves. You run the risk of not appealing to new customers if you use generic packaging.

These are frequently perceived as low-quality products because the packaging does not suit your product perfectly and appears boring and unoriginal.

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