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Small Business Saturday: Trend Gaining Popularity Among Christmas Shoppers



Small Business Saturday: Trend Gaining Popularity Among Christmas Shoppers

(CTN NEWS) – Small Business Saturday – The day following Black Friday is fast overtaking it as the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season.

With sales across the country surpassing $23 billion, Small Business Saturday, encouraging consumers to buy at independent merchants in their neighbourhoods, hit a record in 2017.

According to a recent report, Small Business Saturday will see more Christmas customers than Black Friday.

This is fantastic news for businesses like Pigment in North Park, which has been participating in Small Business Saturday for years.

According to Regina Moomjean, merchandising director at Pigment, a stalwart in North Park with a devoted local following and selling hundreds of distinctive brands.

“These last few years, it feels like it has become big, which is a lot of fun.”

She continued, “We even have some of our staff members that sell their earrings here and stuff like that.” “We sell a wide variety of things.”

Small Business Saturday is all about emphasizing small businesses in your community.

Starting in 2010, it implores people to avoid going to large retail chains and instead shop locally, supporting smaller, frequently family-owned companies.

According to David Prill, a resident of North Park, “we do prefer small businesses over the big box.” He, his wife Victoria Prill, and his children Abigail and Sawyer always try to support small businesses by purchasing there.

According to Victoria Prill, who spoke to CBS 8, “the more you can support your local business, I think it makes for a healthy economy.”

In fact, according to economists, around 70% of every dollar spent at a locally owned business stays in the area and is reinvested in the neighbourhood.

Only approximately 40 cents of every dollar for large retailers stay in the local area.

Moomjean continued, “It’s just nice to send the money back into the community.

A recent survey shows 63% of small merchants anticipate greater revenues during the holiday season.

Small Business Saturday: Trend Gaining Popularity Among Christmas Shoppers

This is true even if growing inflation has reduced consumers’ purchasing power this year as the price of producing things has risen.

Moomjean told CBS 8, “That is certainly something we have seen.” “Some brands are more expensive than others, but ideally, the client can comprehend that. We don’t increase our pricing unless it is necessary.”

Moomjean is anticipating the beginning of this Thanksgiving weekend’s “Superbowl of Shopping.”

“It’s like a party,” she continued. “You’re worn out, but this party is fun!”

Local businesses and establishments taking part in Small Business Saturday in San Diego:

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