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6 Packaging Design Ideas That Retailers Can Incorporate



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With each passing hour, the sales of e-commerce businesses are increasing with huge momentum and even though the industry is surpassing expectations, there is still room for improvement according to customer feedback especially in packaging design. There are some common customer complaints that indicate failure in the packaging department, such as, “visible damage or loss”, “concealed or invisible damage to the product”, or “unsealed package” etc.

Business owners are constantly looking for new ways to incorporate packaging ideas in their products to ensure the safety of the product alongside brand awareness. Here are some great packaging design ideas that retail can incorporate for their e-commerce success:

1. Use the right package size

This may seem obvious but you may be surprised to know how many business owners do not use the right package size. The proof is those funny amazon videos where consumers have received something very small in a box ten times its size. Using an incorrect size is not only an inconvenience for your customers but it also doesn’t bode well for your business. So, always make sure your packaging box or package is not too small or too big.

2. Eco-friendly and recyclable packaging is the way to go

With customers being more and more aware of the dangers of plastic waste, they are looking for brands that are opting for eco-friendly and recyclable packaging that reduces carbon impact on the environment. By going green, eCommerce business owners can leave a good impression for their business and also attract consumers as people always like to prefer a brand that relates to their values and beliefs.

3. Make your packaging consistent

Keeping your packaging consistent is a great way to make your brand more recognizable and popular as your buyers are not constantly confused with what your products look like. It always makes you seem more professional as a business.

4. Target loyal customers by using package inserts

Maintaining loyal customers is always better and easier than attracting new ones and this is why loyalty programs are so popular. You can also incorporate that in your packaging to retain customers by including packaging inserts. This can include promotions, launches, additional discounts, or even a personalized thank you note.

Packaging Design Ideas

Packaging Design Ideas

5. Enhance the safety of your products inside

When packaging your product, it is important to make sure your products are protected while either travelling to their homes or sitting on the shelf in a supermarket. Using good quality products to ensure safety is highly important to maintain your sales.

6. Exceed Your Customers Expectations

One of the worst things you can do as a business owner is “overpromise and underdeliver”. Try doing the opposite to exceed your customers’ expectations and make your brand stand out. By employing unique and innovative packaging ideas you can effectively create a positive unboxing experience.

The Bottom Line

The role of Atlantic Retail Packaging is certainly crucial in the current economic climate. With businesses being highly competitive to make their brand stand out, it comes down to secondary factors such as the packaging of the product to attract customers. With the increasing demand and expectations of consumers, business owners can not afford to miss out on opportunities to enhance their sales and increase their brand value and in times like this packaging comes to the rescue.


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