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5 Marketing Tips for 2022

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Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips: Optimizing calls to action is the most basic, but the most important thing you can do to increase your conversion rate. Using active language, instead of a generic and passive term, can dramatically improve clicks. For example, replace:

  • “Read more” by “See product details”
  • “Find a store” by “Where to buy? “
  • “Product categories” by “Discover other products”
  • By giving your user a preview of what to expect when they click, they’ll be more likely to engage with your call-to-action.

Ask for modest commitments

In a Playbook, Google advises against pushing potential customers too much to engage. According to the search engine, most users fear engagement. They may be interested in your product without being ready to make a decision. Even if you use active language, you can minimize the engagement requested. For example, replace “Buy Now” with “Talk to an Advisor” or “Request a Free Consultation”. This reassures the customer that the next step before the decision is made will be a conversation, not a transaction. Just like you would ask for YouTube subscribers, you should do the same on the website. You can cross-promote your YouTube channel. Add your blog posts into the videos and upload them on the platform. Buy YouTube likes to the video you upload and stay very consistent with the content plan.

Optimize highly convertible pages

Which pages attract the most visitors? The ones where visitors spend the most time before converting? Discovering high-performance content gives you the opportunity to increase the conversion rate. On these pages, place links to conversion content (product sheets, landing pages, white papers, etc.), call-to-action or forms. They are also the perfect places to implement a live chat or to invite you to make an appointment.

Insert pop-ups responsibly

Internet users hate pop-up windows that hide their browsing experience. Especially on mobile. However, pop-ups are a great way to acquire leads. Inserted in a respectful and responsive way, these windows can therefore allow you to generate additional sales. Choose exit intent pop-ups! You know, the ones that appear when you are about to leave a website. They do not interfere with the user’s experience and challenge him one last time. Via this window, encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter or download a white paper.

Activate a chatbot

When a visitor is attracted to a product or service, he wants answers to be totally convinced. Thinking of your FAQ page? It is useful, but not sufficient! This page offers no interactivity and easily leads people into trouble. Never forget that they are in a hurry, they want immediate answers. To turn them into leads, you need to keep pace. The chatbot proves to be a playful companion to answer questions from users. They can give them your hours or your contact information, they are able to guide prospects to the product best suited to their needs or provide them with additional information.

Check your mobile layout

We hope you’ve already made the switch to responsive design. But, if necessary, we prefer to remind you of the importance of a site adapted to the mobile! Google favours sites with a mobile version when displaying results. In addition, let us remember that more than half of the world’s internet traffic is carried out via a smartphone! So, if you want to capture your prospects as soon as they enter the conversion funnel and lead them to purchase, you absolutely must have a functional mobile site. If you don’t, consider hiring a developer to help you out.


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