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Top Tips To Care For Your Wooden Furniture



Top Tips To Care For Your Wooden Furniture

We all love our wooden furniture. It’s stylish, it’s classy, and it can last for years if you take care of it properly. However, just because something is made out of wood doesn’t mean that it’s indestructible! You need to follow some basic rules to keep your hardwood furniture looking and feeling its best. Here are some top tips for taking care of your wooden furniture:

Keep furniture away from heat sources, especially radiators.

While you may think that your furniture is safe from heat sources like radiators, fires and heaters, the reality is that these things can cause damage to your wooden furniture over time. So if you want your pieces to last as long as possible, keep them away from any sources of heat or direct sunlight. Try placing them in a room where they can get plenty of air circulation without being exposed too much to high temperatures.

Keep furniture protected from direct sunlight.

If you want to keep your wooden furniture in good condition for years to come, the first thing you should do is protect it from direct sunlight which can cause the wood to warp and crack over time. To avoid this, try not to leave your wood pieces in rooms with a lot of sunlight during daytime hours. If you have no choice but to keep them out where they’ll be exposed to direct light, consider placing a piece of fabric over them as a shield or place some kind of shade underneath so that they don’t bake in the sun’s rays.

A regular cleaning routine is a great way to keep wooden furniture looking its best.

When cleaning wooden furniture, we recommend using a soft cloth and warm water.

First, wipe down the surface with a damp cloth. This will remove dust and other particles that may be stuck to the surface of your furniture. You can even dust with a feather duster if you like!

Next, if there is any grime or stubborn residue, use a small amount of dish soap to a soft cloth and gently rub in circular motions until any dirt or stains have been removed. Never use abrasive cleaners or sponges when cleaning your wooden items—they can cause scratches and damage to the surface of your piece over time!

After you’ve cleaned the entire piece of furniture, wipe it down with a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture. Don not use paper towels or hair dryers as these can scratch and warp the furniture.

Avoid putting hot items directly on your furniture.

One of the most common mistakes people make is putting hot or wet items directly on their wooden furniture. This can cause the wood to warp or crack, which can be very expensive to repair or replace!

To avoid this problem, always put hot dishes on a trivet or other heat-resistant surface before placing them on your table. If you’re using a trivet, make sure it’s made from something other than metal; this will help prevent scratches in your table’s finish as well as protect against rusting as water drips down onto it from dishes sitting above.

Don’t drag objects across the surface of your furniture.

The first and most obvious rule is that you should never drag anything across your wooden furniture, as this can cause scratches and dents in the wood. It’s also possible to cause damage to the finish and even create splinters if you’re not careful when dragging things across it.

If you have to move the furniture, lift it at all times (don’t drag it).

If you have to move the furniture, lift it at all times (don’t drag it). If you are going to move your furniture, place it on some clean sheets and cover it with a blanket or similar. This will help protect the surface and make moving much easier.

If you do have to drag your piece of furniture then make sure that there is a soft surface underneath like a carpet or rug as this will help prevent any damage caused by dragging. The same applies if using wheels on castors/wheels, they should only be used on hard floors such as wood or laminate flooring but not carpets which could cause skidding of the castors/wheels causing damage to both your flooring material and legs of your piece of furniture

Clean up spills as soon as they happen.

Once you’ve finished your meal (or snack, or beverage), make sure to clean up any messes straight away. While spilt wine will not destroy your furniture, it can cause stains and damage to the finish that are difficult to remove. This is particularly important for wooden chairs and benches with intricate carvings, which may be more vulnerable to staining from liquids than other pieces of furniture.

If there’s anything spilt on the floor as well—like water or juice—clean it up immediately so that it doesn’t soak into the wood underneath. If left unattended for a long time, spills like these could eventually cause warping or cracking of your floors. If you have carpeted floors instead of hardwood or laminate floors then obviously you don’t need to worry about this particular issue—but still be careful if there is any chance of liquids getting onto them!

Care can help keep your wooden furniture in good condition for longer

Considering wood is a natural material, it’s important to care for your wooden furniture. Furniture can be damaged by heat, cold, dampness and sunlight.

Wooden furniture will last longer if you care for it properly. Here are some tips:

  • Clean the surface with a soft cloth and warm water when needed. A gentle detergent can be used if necessary; avoid using abrasive cleaners or polishes on antique pieces as these may cause damage to the finish or structure of the piece.
  • Use coasters under drinks where possible so that spills don’t soak into the finish of your piece of furniture.

Your furniture is an investment that you want to protect. By following these tips and taking good care of your wooden furniture, you can keep your wooden sideboards, dining room tables and solid oak beams looking as good as new for years to come.

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