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18 Year-Old Pakistani Woman Burned Alive for Rejecting Marriage Proposal




18 year-old Maria Abbasi was baby-sitting a younger sister near Murree, Pakistan, when she was attacked


ISLAMABAD – A Pakistani police official says a female teacher has died after being beaten and set on fire for refusing a marriage proposal from a man twice her age.

Rafaqat Abbasi, her uncle said the perpetrators beat 18 year-old Maria Abbasi then drenched her in petrol and set her body ablaze before leaving her for dead.

Maria a school teacher was at home baby-sitting her 5-year-old sister while her family went to a funeral in a nearby town.

Her uncle said that after being brought to a hospital in Islamabad, Maria told police that relatives of the school principal attacked her for refusing the proposal from his son.

Three people were arrested Wednesday in Islamabad in connection with the teenager’s killing, said Nabeela Ghazanfar, Punjab police spokesman.
An arrest warrant is out for a fourth individual, according to the Murree police inspector.
The chief minister of Punjab province has assigned a three-member team to investigate the case, according to the Punjab police.

Such attacks are not uncommon in Pakistan, where nearly 1,000 women are killed each year in so-called “honor killings” for allegedly violating conservative norms on love and marriage.

Violence against women remains rampant in the country, according to the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.
In 2015, police formally investigated 76 cases of women being set on fire, according to the commission’s latest report.
Source: CNN, Associated Press

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