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Top Desert Adventure Activities in Dubai



Top Desert Adventure Activities in Dubai

Arabian Desert makes an immediate impression of a vast ruthless land covered with sand. But, most interestingly, Arabian Desert shares its area with the glamorous Dubai which is one of the seven states of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Though the word ‘desert’ may seem a little bit dull, but the desert of Dubai has so much to offer to its visitors.

One can experience the rich customs of the Bedouins and enjoy the desert adventure activities like Dune Bashing, Quad Biking, Dune Buggy Riding, Fat Bike Riding, Sand Boarding, Hot Air Ballooning, Desert Safari and so on.

In this article we will have a look upon some of the top desert adventure activities in Dubai.

Dune Bashing

This is the most classic and perhaps the most popular among all the adventure activities of Dubai. A roaring 4X4 vehicle whips against the sand dunes of Arabian Desert experiencing a sequence of turns and twists.

Most often, the dune bashing results in an unplanned race with others adventurers providing the passenger a total roller coaster experience.

The only exception is here the passenger experiences more than that of a roller coaster! The sand hustling all around and the ground sliding beneath, makes dune bashing a mix of excitements.

For safety concern, the drivers take you to the ride know the desert like their own palm. You can also capture the unforgettable moments of this wonderful ride with your loved ones and take it back home as a souvenir from Dubai.

Quad Biking

You can call it as the complete thrill package. The desert of Dubai is the home of these light utility vehicles (LUV).

Your quad bike Dubai will take you to the dunes’ peaks and slipped down the slopes and you can feel the adrenaline rush in your blood.

Quad Biking is so easy that even a novice can drive the vehicles and experience this wonderful ride.

Additionally, every ride will be under the supervision of experienced instructors who will lead through the paths and confirm your safety.

The engine power of the Quad Bikes could be overwhelming and weak hearted individuals may find this adventure as heart trembling!

Dune Buggy Riding

Are you searching for an option to take part in an adventure together with your dearest ones? Then leave other options and go for Dune Buggy in Dubai.

This colossal 4X4 open-air vehicle provides seats for up to five passengers along with the driver. Dune Buggy is more like a roller coaster ride in the desert as you scream in excitements with your family and friends.

This ride guarantees you a spectacular thrilling experience as you bash the dune and cross amazingly high dunes peaks.

One can also take a break on the dune tops and enjoy the splendid desert landscapes and have the peace in mind.

For safety concern, experienced drivers drive the Dune Buggy who know the desert trails very well and are committed to offer you the best adventure ride!

Fat Bike Riding

Have you ever heard of Cycling through the desert? Yes, this is possible! Here, comes the Fat Bike in your support.

Fat Bike is a bicycle with thick or fat tyres. These kinds of bicycle are made for travelling across snowy or sandy land area.

It gives its rider the utmost delight of passing through the unexplored trails.

Taking the Fat Bike you can admire the sandy dunes from very close and pass your time with the Arabian Oryx!

The desert trails may challenge you with its cruel beauty and hence there will be an experts to guide you throughout the trail along with the fat bike.

Sand Boarding

Sand boarding is similar to snowboarding except it is done on sand in desert. It involves slipping down along the sand slope from the dune tops on a board. The boards are specially made and fit for having this thrilling experience.

The tallest and largest sand dunes are the best for this fun task and these are available only in the Arabian Desert.

The Hajjar Mountains of Dubai offer you the perfect site for Sand Boarding where you can climb up to the top and slide down with the utmost thrilling experience.

Thus, the sand and the sun all mix up to make your adventure spilled-over in the desert of Dubai.

Hot Air Ballooning

Think about experiencing the desert sun rise from 4,000 feet up in the sky! The overwhelming desert landscape of the dawn in bird’s eye view is the best thing any adventurer could cherish.

A hot air balloon is the perfect means to turn this cherish into reality. Yes, you can experience desert sun rise boarding in a gently floating hot air balloon to a height of 4,000 feet.

You will find the desert landscape with numerous dots of sand dunes trying to kiss the horizon.

You can also spot wild Gazelles, Arabian Oryx and Camels seeking food in the endless Arabian Desert.

All along this wonderful adventure, you will be accompanied by experienced and skilled hot air balloon experts who are committed to make your ride safe and secured. But, watching the sun rise on the east horizon, you cannot resist the adrenaline rush for sure!

Camel Safari and More

Camels have long spiritual connection with the Arabian landscape. A camel safari will offer you to feel this connection riding the elegant desert animal and adventure through the Arabian Desert of Dubai.

The curved dunes of the desert and the dangling motion of the Camel Ride will take you hundreds years back making you nostalgic. You can feel the desert vibe in the air and might mistakenly think yourself as a part of this vast endless Arabian Desert.

Throughout the Camel Safari experienced guides will be there for your service confirming your safety.

Along with Camel Safari you can have a BBQ dinner experiencing the night tranquility of the desert staying in a Bedouin-style camp. To feel more like Bedouins and mix up well with the desert customs you can have Henna on your arms!

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