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The Mystique of Black the Black House – Bann Si Dum



Baan Si Dum (Black House), Chiang Rai


Chingrai Times– Located approximately 2 kilometers north of the illustrious white temple in the Chiang Rai Province you will encounter the much celebrated Black House. It consists of a collection of almost 40 houses where the color black predominates and where death is showcased in many forms and certainly not for the weak hearted.

Typical imagery of Baan Si Duum

Once you enter the Black House you will see an intact elephant skeleton, skulls of various creatures which cannot be fathomed at first sight in its raw bone form. Skins of bears, tigers, reptiles, cracked eggs, furniture made out of animal bones, various skulls and bones that are used to decorate the ornate buildings and many more carcasses of exotic animals.

What comes across to many a visitor is how it becomes increasingly difficult to fathom out one’s body after years of decaying to the point of being almost unidentifiable?

The Black house or “Bann Si Dum” as it is known in Thailand is a museum that is free to all visitors and the compound consists of many unique buildings. The architecture of the buildings gives a whole new dimension to your viewing pleasure as it is unique and each building consists of things that inspire the artist.

The inspired works of art by artist Thawan Duchanee is somewhat not in line with the conservative culture of Thailand and at times created many a storm in a tea cup. In the gallery attached to the museum you will be able to see and purchase his work.

The buildings contain many curious objects that include Buffalo horns, animal skins/bones, shells, wood-carvings and benches. Dark, qwerky, eerie

The Artist Thawan Duchanee has practiced his works of art in many parts of the world and held many solo exhibitions in Asia, West Germany, England, Australia, Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo and held many exhibitions in Thailand and in many more western countries. He has received world wide acclaim for his genre of work. His paintings and other works of art showcasing aggression, eroticism, mortality, deterioration, lunacy and brings forward his rich genius, vigor and resolve and is considered a maestro of contemporary art with an Asian perspective.

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