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Bangkok to Taipei holiday

Although the coronavirus has caused most international flights to be cancelled in Asia, the pandemic won’t last forever. When air travel resumes, travellers will take to the skies once again in search of a holiday destination. If you’ve never visited the city, it will be the perfect time to book a holiday from BKK to Taipei.

Booking a flight from BKK to Taipei is easy as Taiwan doesn’t require a visa for visits of less than 90 days. And the flight from Bangkok takes less than four hours. With hotel prices being comparable to hotels in Thailand, a holiday in the capital city of Taiwan can easily meet the budgets of Bangkok holiday adventurers.

Plenty of Things to Do in Taipei

An ancient city, Taipei has gone through a lot of political upheavals, but thankfully the historical monuments have largely been preserved. But historical monuments are certainly not the only thing to visit in this vast city. This is a vast city that has a modern and efficient MRT system that makes sightseeing easy and fun. Here are some suggestions for places to visit and things to do.

 Visit Taipei 101

No trip to Taipei would be complete without a trip up Taipei 101 on the world’s fastest elevator to the 89th and 91st floor where you can gaze out over the city. This iconic building can’t be missed as it towers above the city. Its design symbolises a stalk of bamboo, and it contains the world’s highest Starbucks for coffee-loving sightseers.

Take a Glass-floor

If you take the Taipei Zoo MRT line to the end, you’ll be right near the Maokong Gondola. Enjoy a breath-taking a 30-minute gondola ride into the hills of southeast Taipei. Be sure you get in the line for the ‘crystal cabins’. These are glass-bottomed gondolas that provide a birds-eye view of the passing scenery underneath.

 Soak in the Beitou Hot Spring

There is an entire historic development surrounding Beitou Hot Spring that’s worth a visit. The hot spring is in the Beitou district of the city and is served by the Xinbeitou MRT station for convenient access. After a few hours of touring the surrounding Japanese-style buildings and bathhouses, as well as the Beitou Geothermal Valley, take a leisurely soak in one of the bathhouses or private hot spring rooms.

Sample Street Food at the Taipei Night Markets

Taipei is another city that offers delicious street food served at the numerous night markets around the city. Just ask your hotel for directions to the nearest one. Some of the must-try treats offered at these night markets include Taiwanese sausages, shallot pancakes, baked pepper pork buns, and for the brave, stinky tofu.

A trip from BKK to Taipei makes for a memorable holiday. There are so many things to do and places to see, your holiday will seem too short, and it won’t be long before you’re planning another trip to see all the attractions you missed on your first holiday.


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