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Grand Juror from JonBenet Ramsey’s Murder Case Tells all to ABC 20/20



A grand juror who worked on the JonBenet Ramsey case 20 years ago testified anonymously on Friday night’s episode of 20/20 on ABC



COLORADO  – A grand juror who served on the case against JonBenet Ramsey’s parents thinks there was enough evidence to indict Patsy and John Ramsey for murdering their own daughter, and even feels he knows the identity of the killer.

However, the grand juror who spoke to ABC News on a condition of anonymity doesn’t think JonBenet’s parents would have been found guilty if the case went to trial.

“There is no way that I would have been able to say, ‘Beyond a reasonable doubt, this is the person,'” the juror told ABC News. “And if you are the district attorney, if you know that going in, it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars to do it.”

The district attorney nullified the findings of his grand jury and declared there wasn’t sufficient evidence to indict the little girl’s parents.

In 1998, prosecutors eventually decided to drop that case and the Boulder District Attorney apologized to the Ramsey family.



Friday night’s juror, however, said he believed John and Patsy should have been tried, based on the evidence he had seen.

But the man told host Amy Robach there would have been no way for a jury to find the parents guilty. He then said he had a strong feeling he knows who killed JonBenet – but copped out when Robach asked for a name.

When asked if he thinks he knows who killed the 6-year-old beauty queen, he answered, “I highly suspect I do.”

‘I wish not to answer that question,’ the man said, infuriating viewers who had sat through the rest of the episode eager to hear the big reveal.

The grand juror did say he believed Patsy and John should have been indicted on charges related to their daughter’s murder. When asked if he believed that John and Patsy should have been tried, he said: ‘Based on the evidence that was presented I believe that is correct.’

Ramsey was found dead in her Boulder, Colorado home on the day after Christmas in 1996. She had been strangled and hit on the head with immense force, but the murder remains unsolved.

He also spoke about the trip the grand jury members took to the Ramsey home, and being in the basement where the young girl’s body was found by her own father, just hours after she was reported as missing to police.

“In the basement where she was found, it was actually kind of an obscure layout,” the juror said regarding a field trip the jury took to he Ramsey home. “You come down the stairwell and you had to go into another room to find a door that was closed. It was a very eerie feeling. It was like, ‘Somebody had been killed here.'”


Strong case: In total, Wong found over 200 similarities in the writing of the ransom note and the 100 samples of Patsy’s penmanship she examined


A handwriting expert who examined the ransom note left in the case said on Friday night’s episode it is very likely that the letter was written by the child queen’s mother Patsy.

‘It’s highly probable that she wrote the ransom note,’ handwriting expert Cina Wong said.

Wong spent three weeks examining the note and comparing it to 100 examples of Patsy’s handwriting back in 2000, and found multiple similarities between the two.

Boulder police and prosecutors are now planning a new round of testing on DNA evidence found in the case, and on Friday’s episode District Attorney Stan Garnett will speak about the next steps.

The tests would also tap into an FBI database that includes genetic profiles from more than 15.1 million known offenders.

Garnett and Boulder police Chief Greg Testa said that they have already discussed the matter with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation during a meeting that took place just before Thanksgiving.

Source: ABC


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