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Couple and Son Knocked Unconscious from Gas Leak in Hotel Room



A couple from Singapore and their 10 year-old son have been rushed to hospital after being found unconscious in their hotel room. They were staying at a resort in Phu Thap Boek of Phetchabun province in north central Thailand.

They were discovered unconsious by a friend at approximately 9pm on Wednesday, Thai media reported.
Hotel staff said the couple and thier 10-year-old son checked in at the resort at 6pm. The cold weather prompted the couple to turn on the gas-fired water heater in their room before taking a bath.

Later, a friend knocked on their door to invite them to dinner and found the three family members unconscious because of a gas leak from the heater.

The three were taken down the mountain where rescue workers gave them first aid and oxygen. An ambulance then took them to Somdet Phra Yupharat Lom Kao Hospital.

The mother recovered first while two other family members were still under close watch as of Thursday afternoon.

Phu Thap Boek of Phetchabun

A main attraction in Khao Kho district of Phetchabun province. It has mountainous terrain and high altitudes which guarantees year-round cool weather for visitors.

From December to January, during the cool season, the hills are covered in cherry blossoms, making it the perfect time to visit. During the rainy season, mists engulf the hills both day and night, earning it the moniker of “the Misty Town”.

The main attraction in the area is the panoramic view of the “sea of fog.” It can be appreciated from the hilltop at this time of year.  Located 400 kilometres north of Bangkok, the destination is also considered not too far from the capital.

However, popularity comes at a high price, with unchecked building of hotels and resorts. Many of the hotels are illegal and some unsafe. Turning the lush green slopes into a veritable eco-slum.

Authorities in recent months have taken action against hotel owners. Local communities found hotels and resorts to have encroached on reserved forest land. Of the 62 hotels and resorts, 32 have been found to have violated the law so far.

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