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Seizure From Five Drug Couriers Killed in Chiang Rai Larger than Initially Reported



Inspection of the area led by the deputy commander of the Third Army Maj Gen Chalermchai Chaiyakham.


CHIANG RAI – Drug Suppression Authorities in Chiang Rai have revealed that there was significantly more methamphetamine pills than originally reported, seized from five drug couriers killed during a Chiang Rai border clash on Sunday.

The methamphetamine was contained in 19 bags, and the initial count was given as 1.9 million pills. A recount just before the seized drugs were handed over to police in Chiang Rai’s Mae Fa Luang district put the total at 2.9 million.

The Pha Muang military task force, which oversees northern borders, seized the drugs after a patrol of soldiers clashed with drug smugglers,  killing five of them, around 5am on Sunday near remote Ban Chalo village in Mae Fa Luang district.

The drugs were believed to come from drug kingpin Lt Col Yi Se’s production facility near the border in Myanmar, Manager Online reported on Monday.

According to The Manager Online the drugs were marked with the number “999”, indicating they came from a place under the control of Lt Col Yi Se.

The military believes the drug factory is in Myanmar’s Ban Pha Khao, which is opposite Mae Fa Luang district. The area is held by the Lahu ethnic group.

The methamphetamine is believed to be recently made because the letter “Y” on each pill is sharp and clear, an officer said.


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