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Ministry of Commerce in Chiang Rai to Develop Pracharat Blue Flag Stores as Discount Stores




CHIANG RAI – The Provincial Commercial Office in Chiang Rai plans to develop Pracharat Blue Flag stores as discount stores to help cut down the costs of living of the people regardless of their status in the welfare system.

Chiang Rai Provincial Commercial Affairs Official Pimon Pongkongkaew revealed the Ministry of Commerce is developing Pracharat Blue Flag stores nationwide to become discount stores by installing EDC card payment terminals to serve persons buying products using their allowances on the welfare card, and by negotiating with major goods manufacturers to feed products to these shops at prices lower than market price.

She said the Ministry of Commerce has received a positive reception from Unilever Thailand and will negotiate with Sahapat Group later this month.

Meanwhile, Chiang Rai Provincial Commercial Affairs Office has held talks with local Blue Flag stores on operational guidelines, including shop decoration, stock management, logistics planning, accounting, and tax payment, which will help them improve their capabilities to become discount shops in the future.

Discounted products will be available for sales at participating stores, with discount stickers placed on the package. Both low income earners enrolled in the government’s welfare scheme and the general public will be able to buy these products available at a more affordable price.

By Tanakorn Sangiam

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