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Chiang Rai’s Sai River Once Again Bursts it’s Banks Flooding Mae Sai and Tachilet Markets



Tha Lor Market in Myanmar and Sai Lom Joy Market in Chiang Rai were flooded. – Nation Photo



MAE SAI – Communities along the Myanmar border between Mae Sai and Tachilet were once again inundated with flood waters after the Sai River overflowed it’s banks on Tuesday afternoon.

Once again parts of the Sai Lom Joy Market in Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district and nearby communities were flooded, as was the Tha Lor Market in Tachilek, Myanmar.

Repeated floods in the border area have drawn a promise from Tachilek’s Governor, Tin Win Shwe, to travel to the capitol city of Naypyidaw, to seek long-term solutions on Friday.

Governor Tin Win Shwe, said he has assigned officials from Tachilek municipality and engineers to study the flooding problems of the Sai River and propose solutions to correct them during both the dry and rainy seasons.

On the Chiang Rai side, business operators and vendors at the Sai Lom Joy Market moved their goods to safety as a precaution, but could open for trade.

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