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Another Ridge of High Pressure Brings More Cold Weather to Northern Thailand




CHIANG RAI – Another ridge of high pressure brings a sharp drop in temperature to upper Thailand, affecting people in various parts of the north and northeastern regions.

Mercury at Doi Inthanon, the country’s highest mount, dropped to minus 2 degree Celsius Thursday morning, creating white hoar frost on ground and on trees around the national park.

In Chiang Rai white scenery gave much pleasure to winter tourists who flocked scenic points, especially at Phu Chi Fah, the best place to view sea of fog. Temperatures at the view point can drop to 5 degrees in the early morning.

Bueng Kan province in the northeast also experienced a sharp drop in temperature combined with southward strong winds gusting from Laos and China.

School children in the North, where temperature dropped to 14 degree Celsius, started the day with outdoor activities and aerobic exercise to keep warm.


There’s a hidden gem in Northern Thailand, right on the border of Laos, that’s home to one of the most beautiful sunrises you’ll ever see. It’s called Phu Chi Fah (ภูชี้ฟ้า) and although it’s well-known among Thais visiting Chiang Rai, it’s still considered an undiscovered place for most international travelers.

The name Phu Chi Fah actually translates to “the mountain that points to the sky” and it’s not hard to see why. Just look at its incredible silhouette against the rising sun. But that’s not even the best part. Once you’ve climbed the summit, it’s like standing on top of the world.


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