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Google AI Bard Delivers A Wrong Answer In Its First Demo




(CTN NEWS) – Bard – A mistake early on underscores the risk of moving too quickly and releasing technology to the general public before it has been thoroughly tested.

This week has been a huge one for artificial intelligence. In particular, this is true of AI systems that disperse information that some people would take as fact.

While Google unveiled Bard, an experimental conversational AI service powered by its Language Model for Dialogue Applications, Microsoft launched an AI-powered Bing search engine and Edge browser (or LaMDA for short).

Baidu, a Chinese internet company, is also developing Ernie, a service similar to ChatGPT.

Google AI Bard delivers a wrong


As seen by a humiliating Bard gaffe, they are all in the early stages of development and will need more time for their separate inventors to work out all the kinks.

In a brief movie showcasing Bard’s functionality, the AI was questioned about James Webb Space Telescope discoveries that might be explained to a 9-year-old.

The telescope “caught the very first photographs of a planet outside of our solar system,” according to one of the explanations provided by Bard. That’s not accurate, and that’s the issue.”

NASA reports that in 2004, the Very Large Telescope (VLT) of the European Southern Observatory captured the first image of an exoplanet (2M1207b).

Last year, Webb took their first image of an exoplanet, although it wasn’t the first exoplanet image ever taken.

The inaccurate response was included in a tweet sent on February 6 and received over a million views. As of this writing, it is still active and is highlighted on Google’s blog article announcing Bard.

Before a larger deployment to the general public in the upcoming weeks, Google stated earlier this week that it was making Bard available to trusted testers.

Microsoft cautioned that Bing would occasionally distort the information it finds, and you could see responses that look convincing but are incorrect, incomplete, or unsuitable in a FAQ for its AI-generated responses.

Before making choices or taking action based on Bing’s suggestions, Redmond advises users to exercise their discretion and confirm the accuracy of the information.


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