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Microsoft Has Finally Fixed Edge’s Oversized Menus



Microsoft Has Finally Fixed Edge's Oversized Menus

(CTN News) – The Microsoft Edge browser is a feature-packed browser that launches improvements and enhancements every month.

The downside is that these enhancements are no longer able to fit inside the browser’s menu. It has grown to the point where users have to scroll down to view it since it has become so large.

The “plus-sized” menus on Edge are a common complaint from frustrated customers, and Microsoft is finally working on an effective solution to address this issue.

By moving less popular and unnecessary tools to a submenu, the Edge Canary update attempts to shrink its massive menu to a more manageable size.

This is done by moving its less popular and unnecessary tools to a submenu.

Besides the already existing “More tools” option, there will be new features that will be added in the near future, including the Read Aloud, Performance, Battery, and Share features.

Interesting enough, the Games section is too significant to move to a submenu, so it sits above built-in accessibility and resource optimizing utilities that now require more clicks to access, so it sits higher than these built-in utilities.

However, it is too early to blame Microsoft for putting poor priorities ahead of user convenience—the updated menu is only available to Edge Canary users, so the interface may be tweaked even more in future updates, and various tools and options may be repositioned.

I would like to encourage you to test Edge updates before they are released, so you can provide feedback to Microsoft so they can improve Edge.

In your opinion, what is your opinion of Microsoft’s attempt to make Edge’s menu more compact? Is there anything that you think Microsoft should add to the submenu that you would like to see? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

What is Microsoft Edge used for?

Microsoft Edge is the browser created for Windows 10. Edge replaces Internet Explorer (IE), the browser that debuted with Windows 95 and was a part of Windows operating systems for the following two decades.

Edge is a smaller, more streamlined browser built on Web standards and designed for Web services.


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