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How do Home Appliance and Electronics Companies Integrate The Use of QR Codes in their Packaging Modernization?



How do Home Appliance and Electronics Companies Integrate The Use of QR Codes in their Packaging Modernization?

After years and years of intuitively wrapping their home appliances and electronics products with the bulky amount of paper in each batch, many companies that manufacture our favorite home appliances and electronics have decided to make big changes with their packaging means.

And as by paving a useful way to modernize their packaging, the impact of this drastic change is leaned on taking care of the environment while keeping the best unboxing experience for their customers.

While they are modernizing their packaging means going greener to minimize the cost of the product emissions and more, most of these companies are now integrating the use of QR codes to

Thanks to the availability of the best free QR code generator online, established and starting home appliances and electronics businesses can modernize their packaging outputs by minimizing the use of paper with the use of QR codes.

How do QR codes help modernize home appliances and electronics packaging?

Since QR codes are becoming one of the most highly integrated tools to store and get information with the use of one’s modern smartphone cameras, the use of them in modernizing their home appliances and electronics packaging is can be evidently shown through these following QR code uses.

E-manual guide Portal

As a way to modernize their product packaging overalls, home appliance and electronics companies are looking for new ways to make their packaging less harmful to the environment. And one of the packaging parts they consider to change is the bulky manual book that comes along with the product and turns to digital manual guides to save packaging costs.

With the use of QR codes, they can store the digital manual guides and let their buyers scan them to automatically view and read them on their phones. In this way, buyers will not have to bother getting too much clutter after unboxing the product and never worry about losing these physical pamphlets.

Product Setup Video Tutorials

Another way for companies to reduce the amount of paper used in their product packaging is through the use of videos. And as videos are usually stored in online video sharing platforms, linking the buyers to actual setup video does sometimes require four to five steps before they can view and learn from it, the use of a video QR code enables them to relieve customers from doing these tedious ways to be able to watch the video and learn.

Social Media Boosting

Since most businesses, today are tapping the use of social media to boost their marketing influence with the users in it, most home appliances and electronics companies are also hopping into the social media world to influence more users to try their products and share their journey.

With the use of QR codes, they can let their customers go through their company’s social media profiles and follow their latest product updates on these sites.

Portal to Product Warranty Registration Site

Home appliances and electronics companies are also integrating the use of QR codes to serve as a portal to their product warranty registration online site. Through these, buyers will only need to scan them and open the site to register for the product warranty without typing in the website name in their browser.


As most products always go through a series of packaging change to catch up with the trend people look for when buying them, the product’s packaging change is tailored with the functionality it brings to its buyers.

And one useful way for customers to intuitively utilize the function of the packaging the product they purchase is through scanning the QR codes that can lead them to the product social media, digital setup guides, or

With the use of a QR code generator with a logo online, small home appliance businesses can start creating branded QR codes that will match their product’s modernization aesthetic and functionality.


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