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A Vampire Gives Fortnite’s Island a Luxurious Makeover



A Vampire Gives Fortnite's Island a Luxurious Makeover

(CTN News) – It is time to leave the Wilds and enter the Last Resort. The latest season of Fortnite kicks off today – bringing the battle royale game to Chapter 4: Season 4 – and, as was promised yesterday, this new season comes with a heist theme this time around.

It’s not just any heist: this time around, the island has been given a handful of luxurious locations to choose from due to a new personality that’s taken over the island.

The following is a basic rundown of the changes and the new lore (yes, Fortnite does have lore) in Fortnite:

It is also important to note that the heist theme is also accompanied by a number of gameplay changes.

There are a number of new locations where you can sneak in and loot powerful items for yourself, as well as a variety of new Fortnite gear, such as the Rocket Ram, that lets you shoot out of a building once you have the goods for yourself.

The game even has a set of heist bags, which are like chests that contain only items that can be used in heists. What is my favorite addition to the game?

As soon as this briefcase is thrown on the ground, it turns into a turret that can be used for military purposes. Throughout the island, you will also be able to see towers that have been erected so that you can find out how the storm will Fortnite move in the future.

As well as this, if you purchase this season’s battle pass, you will be able to unlock a number of new characters. In addition to Ahsoka from Star Wars, TikTok star Khaby Lame, a highly ripped fish named Fish Thicc, and a newly created vampire, there are many others as well. Here is the complete cast of the film:

There hasn’t been a single time Fortnite has experimented with a heist theme in the past, but this seems to be the most involved so far, not to mention a big stylistic change from the jungle theme of last season, which was also memorable because of the collaborations with Futurama, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Nike.


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