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Spider-Man 2 On PS5: 13 Tips To Elevate Your Gaming Experience




(CTN NEWS) – Commencing on October 20, Spider-Man 2 marks an exclusive title for PlayStation 5 developed by Insomniac Games.

This game delivers all the exhilarating web-slinging adventures seen in Spider-Man (2018) and Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020), offering an extraordinary bonus: the opportunity to control two Spider-Men for the price of one.

The conundrum of terminology, whether it’s Spider-Mans, Spider-Men, or perhaps Spider-Guys, even leaves Peter Parker himself in contemplation regarding what to call himself and his partner in their crime-fighting endeavors, Miles Morales.

However, what remains indisputable is our belief that Spider-Man 2 is a fantastic game, and having two web-slinging heroes doubles the excitement and complexity.

After more than 20 hours of hands-on gameplay, we’ve compiled 13 tips to help you transform your Spider-Man 2 experience into the ultimate high-flying adventure.

Tip 1: Play Peter Parker’s Storyline First

As we delved into playing Spider-Man 2, initially, we followed a pattern of alternating between Miles’ and Peter’s storylines, granting both arachnid-based heroes equal time in the spotlight.

However, after more than 20 hours of gameplay, we’ve come to reconsider this approach.

It became apparent that a significant portion of Peter’s skill tree remains locked until you reach a specific point in the story, where you gain access to the powers of the Venom symbiote, a creature with ambiguous intent and astonishingly explosive abilities.

In hindsight, we found ourselves wishing we had unlocked Venom’s powers sooner, as they offer tremendous potential for tackling evildoers.

Although we are eager to explore Miles’ bioelectricity talents, Peter’s additional abilities are undeniably some of the most enjoyable aspects that Spider-Man 2 has to offer.

Once you decide to take a break from your adventures as Peter, you can seamlessly switch between the two Spider-Heroes by using Ganke Lee’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man App, aptly known as the FNSM App, which is as simple as swiping left on your touchpad.

Over time, this app becomes your hub for managing quests and side quests, allowing you to activate your preferred tasks and challenges with ease.

Tip 2: Level Evenly

With every skill point you acquire, you face the decision of whether to level up 1) Peter Parker, 2) Miles Morales, or 3) invest in both the Spider-Master and Spider-Apprentice concurrently.

This choice becomes even more critical since you can effortlessly switch between Miles and Peter.

Opting to solely enhance Miles’ abilities might leave Peter at a disadvantage when dealing with the challenges of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

(Regrettably, no love for Staten Island and the Bronx, as you’ve pointed out!)

To address this potential imbalance, we adopted a strategy of investing seven skill points into the shared skill tree, ensuring a solid foundation for both characters, before allocating any points to Peter or Miles individually.

This balanced approach allowed us to progress both Peter’s and Miles’ abilities equally.

After all, even though both Spider-Heroes can effortlessly perch atop skyscrapers, we didn’t want to leave either of them hanging when it came to mastering their unique skills and talents.

Tip 3: Re-slot Your Abilities

For PlayStation gamers, it’s well-known that the action buttons (triangle, circle, X, and square) take on new functions when combined with the trigger buttons.

In Spider-Man 2, using the L1 trigger first grants you access to your abilities, while pairing the R1 trigger allows you to access your array of gadgets.

As you progress in the abilities of both Spider-Persons, you accumulate more powers, but you’re still limited to just four action buttons.

To address this, Spider-Man 2 offers the flexibility to customize which abilities you want to assign to your action buttons through the Abilities menu.

For instance, Miles can opt to use L1 + triangle for a Venom Dash or L1 + square for a Thunder Burst attack. The choice is entirely in your hands, allowing you to tailor your Spider-Hero to your preferences.

For those who seek further customization, you have the option to reassign functions to the left and right D-pad buttons, which can be configured in the Settings under the main menu, distinct from the in-game menu.

This additional level of customization enhances your gameplay experience, giving you the freedom to fine-tune your controls.

Tip 4: Prioritize Your Currency

As the 1967 Spider-Man theme song aptly reminds us, “action is Spider-Man’s reward.” In Spider-Man 2, your rewards manifest as three valuable resources: “tech parts,” “city tokens,” and “hero tokens.”

You accrue these currencies through engaging in various side quests, each tailored to your specific Spider-Person’s abilities and responsibilities.

For instance, tracking down missing musical instruments becomes a quest for Miles, while Peter faces the challenge of juggling his day job with the city’s protection.

And both Spider-Heroes share the duty of combating crime. These quests serve as the means to collect tech parts and tokens, which, in turn, enable you to enhance your gadgets and customize your spider-suits for style and functionality.

Tech parts are relatively easy to obtain, while city and hero tokens demand more substantial effort and dedication.

As you amass these valuable resources, you’ll inevitably face choices about where to allocate them.

Deciding between upgrading your gadgets and enhancing your style becomes a matter of prioritization. Balancing your objectives is key.

Participating in these side quests, in addition to showcasing your good citizenship, is the most effective way for your Spider-Self to accumulate the resources necessary for growth.

After all, you can’t truly be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man without actively engaging with and assisting your community.

Tip 5: Study The Moves List

Diving into side quests offers another compelling reason to invest time in them: as you battle adversaries, you gradually enhance your combat skills.

This is a crucial aspect of the game, as Spider-Man 2 features a plethora of combos to master, some of which are situation-specific.

For instance, you can use the square button four times for a basic combo to subdue wrongdoers.

However, as you acquire more abilities, like Wall Thrash, you can employ that same square button to pin an enemy against a wall and unleash a cinematic, knuckle-busting spree.

With the ever-expanding list of moves and counterattacks, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the array of combat choices.

This is where the Moves List menu proves to be a valuable tool.

Before engaging in a battle with a particular mini-boss, you can consult this menu to refresh your memory about the diverse tactics that both Spider-Persons, Miles and Peter, can employ.

It’s a handy reference to ensure you make the most of your combat abilities and combinations in the heat of the action.

Tip 6: Boost Your Focus First

Engaging in side quests becomes even more enticing due to the opportunity to hone your combat skills.

This is a pivotal aspect of the game, given the multitude of combos at your disposal, some tailored to specific combat situations.

For example, executing a series of square button presses four times delivers a basic combo to subdue adversaries.

However, as you accumulate additional abilities, such as Wall Thrash, that same square button can be employed to pin an enemy against a wall, initiating a thrilling, cinematic melee.

As the list of available moves and counterattacks continues to expand, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of combat choices.

To alleviate this, the Moves List menu proves invaluable. Prior to confronting a particular mini-boss, consulting this menu serves as a handy reference, reminding you of the diverse tactics accessible to both Spider-Persons, Miles and Peter.

This ensures that you can maximize the potential of your combat skills and combinations when immersed in the intense action sequences.

Tip 7: Use Suit Tech Options

Within each Suit Tech tree, you’ll find various minor options that grant you additional capabilities.

For instance, in the Focus category, you have the choice between two distinct upgrades: Target Acquisition, which enables you to tag enemies, or Focused Strike, a boost to your general focus by 10%.

These Suit Tech options are context-dependent, and the choice between them may vary based on the situation.

For instance, tagging enemies might not be essential when facing a single formidable boss, while Focused Strike proves more advantageous when dealing with numerous henchmen concealed behind obstacles.

However, navigating this aspect of the game can be somewhat cumbersome, as you’re required to delve into a submenu when you’d prefer to be web-slinging and confronting your foes directly.

Tip 8: Use Different Methods Of Traversal

Spider-Man 2 provides New Yorkers and players alike with the exhilarating opportunity to traverse the city without relying on the A train (whether that’s a bug or a feature depends on your North-South or East-West commute preferences).

The game offers various exciting methods of traversing the city, each contributing to the sheer enjoyment of the experience:

1. Web-Swinging:

By acquiring the “loop de loop” skill in your Miles-and-Peter skill tree, you can generate both speed and altitude, which is crucial for the following methods.

2. Web Wings:

Utilize web wings to gracefully glide through the air. Starting at greater heights, such as the top of a swing or the tallest buildings, allows you to soar further.

3. Wind Tunnels:

Dive into wind corridors to zip swiftly in a single direction. Mastering altitude control can be challenging initially, but with practice, you can navigate these tunnels effectively.

4. Air Vents:

Enhance your mobility by leaping onto the numerous vents scattered across New York City’s rooftops, immediately activating your web wings for extra lift.

5. Fast Travel:

Unlock fast travel by completing map activities, such as taking photos and revealing Prowler stashes. Spider-Man 2 breaks free from traditional save point travel restrictions, allowing you to instantly teleport to any point in your unlocked neighborhood. Simply hover over your desired location and press the triangle button for seamless movement.

6. Slingshots:

As you explore the city, the map will unveil slingshot icons, offering a thrilling opportunity to launch yourself off buildings with a sense of abandon.

This technique provides a substantial speed boost, and its playful nod to the campy 1966 Adam West Batman series is sure to bring a smile to your face.

These diverse methods of city traversal not only add to the fun but also showcase the freedom and creativity offered in Spider-Man 2’s open-world gameplay.

Tip 9: Suit Up As Spider-Man Noir

After a few hours of gameplay, we had the pleasure of unlocking Peter’s Spider-Man Noir suit, and naturally, we snagged it as quickly as you could say, “Sometimes I let matches burn down to my fingertips just to feel something. Anything.”

Wearing this sleek black ensemble offers players two visually captivating bonuses.

The first bonus introduces “Film-Style Animation,” allowing you to navigate the video game universe as an animated character.

It’s undeniably eye-catching, though it may prove a bit distracting for some.

As a result, we ultimately opted to disable this feature in the Options menu (Settings > Visual).

The second bonus treats Noir Peter to the delightful addition of pop-up comic book sound effects during combat.

This unique effect persists even after changing your appearance.

What’s even better is that Miles can enjoy the same cartoon-style pop-ups.

It’s evident that this game carries a nostalgic spirit reminiscent of the 1966 Batman series, just waiting to burst forth and captivate players.

Tip 10: Read The Environment

Just as we’ve witnessed in previous Spider-Man games, your Arachnid-Man in Spider-Man 2 continues to make use of various environmental objects such as manhole covers, shelves, and trash cans as throwable items to subdue enemies.

However, in this installment, you can employ a more strategic approach.

You have the option to engage in direct combat against all of Sandman’s avatars, or you can be clever and position them beneath a nearby pipe.

A quick yank on the pipe will drench them with water, causing a dramatic and satisfying meltdown, reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the West.

This strategic thinking allows you to minimize combat fatigue, making the game more efficient.

While it may take a bit more time to assess the situation and line up the right attack, this approach exemplifies the resourceful nature of a spider, thinking and acting with precision to outsmart adversaries.

Tip 11: Smiplify Car Chases

To prevent criminals from escaping with their nefarious acts, adopting the right strategy is crucial.

When you find yourself swinging across vast stretches of the city, attempting to intercept a speeding getaway vehicle, remember to keep your altitude low, sweet spider.

Staying as close to the ground as possible is the key to effectively swooping in for an attack.

Be ready to press that pesky triangle button when it eventually appears, seizing the opportunity to intervene.

Additionally, make use of the X + R2 combination to activate a brief burst of Spidey’s speed, enhancing your pursuit and interception abilities.

These tactics will help ensure that you remain agile and prepared to thwart criminal activities throughout the city.

Tip 12: Get The Higher Ground

Securing the high ground provides you with an advantageous perspective to spot collectibles scattered throughout the city.

Crates, which yield valuable tech parts, emit a distinct blue light, making them easier to locate.

Random spider-bots, on the other hand, are characterized by a circular prism and offer both tech parts and XP.

While you can populate your map with crate locations by unlocking the “All Seeing” ability under Suit Tech > Traversal, it’s important to note that this necessitates building up your Traversal skill tree.

However, we found it more beneficial to focus on upgrading your Focus tree, particularly in the early stages of the game.

It’s also worth mentioning that these collectibles aren’t limited to skyscrapers like the Avengers Tower.

As you navigate the map, you’ll encounter these valuable items in unexpected and diverse locations.

So, explore every nook and cranny of the city to maximize your collection of essential resources.

Tip 13: Enjoy The Maps

At the outset, Spider-Man 2’s map may appear rather simplistic, with a seemingly vast expanse that lacks the usual assortment of fetch quests and collectible hunting activities.

Initially, we might perceive this scarcity of activities as a weakness, but over time, it becomes apparent that it’s actually one of the game’s strengths.

Each neighborhood gradually unfolds new activities as the plot develops, creating a more natural and immersive gaming experience.

Spider-Man 2 thoughtfully builds up the player’s skills and capabilities before introducing formidable challenges like cultists, hunters, Mysterium challenges, and even the iconic character Venom.

As you progress in the game, you’ll need to be well-prepared to save New York.

After all, as Miles reminds us in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” he and Peter aren’t the only Spiders around.

So, it’s time to suit up and take to the skies, ready to embark on thrilling adventures in the world of Spider-Man!


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