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PUBG Battlegrounds’ Next Update, 22.2, is Set to Launch Next Week



PUBG Battlegrounds' Next Update, 22.2, is Set to Launch Next Week

(CTN News) – Battle Royale players, hang tight to your controllers and keyboards because PUBG Battlegrounds‘ next update, 22.2, will release next week with a whole new care weapon package: the FAMAS.

The PC version will debut on March 14, and the console version will follow a week later (March 23). Several weapons, including the P90, Mutant, Mk47, M16AF, and AUG, have adjusted their stats in the update.

PUBG Battlegrounds Celebrates Sixth Anniversary with Triston Eaton Collaboration

This year marks the game’s sixth anniversary, and to celebrate, themed billboards and other decorations will be put up around the city.

The development team said several of our most popular weapons would receive “healthy balancing updates” in this patch. To reach this goal, we examine player data from multiple months, monitor community input, and put the game through rigorous testing.

Paramo, Taego, Deston, Miramar, and Erangel will all be accessible to PUBG players in normal mode, with Taego, Miramar, and Erangel alternating in ranked play.

PUBG Battlegrounds Introduces Intense Battle Royale Mode in Latest Update

PUBG Battle Royale mode is also returned for players to enjoy, cutting down on playtime “bigtime” by streamlining the regular mode.

The group looks forward to celebrating its sixth anniversary with a “huge event” later this month.

Triston Eaton, a “famous toy designer and street art muralist,” collaborated with the developers on in-game billboards that would catch your eye anytime a match brings you to Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok, per the group’s findings.

To add to the excitement, from now until March 23, you can participate in a “special anniversary message event” where you can send congratulations and questions to the event organizers.

One hundred lucky players will receive “PUBG real world 6th anniversary themed goods,” such as metal posters, postcards, and stickers.

The previous patch, released in January, intended to enhance movement across and inside the available PUBG Battle Royale maps by modifying some.

Krafton has also started producing a project based on the popular Korean fantasy tale The Bird That Drinks Tears.

Based on Yeong-do Lee’s novels, the game will introduce players to “complex people” and “elaborate environments” in what they call “a completely new experience.”

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