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PUBG And Dead By Daylight Team Up For Halloween

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PUBG And Dead By Daylight Team Up For Halloween

(CTN News) _ There is a collaboration between Dead by Daylight and PUBG that will culminate in a Halloween event extravaganza.

 While PUBG Corp. says it will announce the partnership soon, Behaviour Interactive has made it more specific by saying, “Something horrible is coming this spooky October.”.”

From the looks of it, DbD cosmetics are making their way into PUBG, but it is unclear if the opposite is true. The community is likely to be disappointed if there is no new game mode or feature in Dead by Daylight, however some trinkets or other cosmetics may make their way into the game.

One of the biggest surprises is that this wasn’t an announcement about For Honor.

A leaker account indicated that Dead by Daylight will receive a new map inspired by its upcoming crossover with Ubisoft’s For Honor.

Previously, Dead by Daylight and For Honor collided in a limited-time mode titled “Survivors of the Fog” that gave For Honor players a taste of Dead By Daylight. This mode featured a 4v4 PvP game mode featuring one of Dead By Daylight’s iconic killers, The Trapper.

It is possible that PUBG will receive some DbD-inspired features in their game, while Behaviour Interactive will announce the For Honor crossover in the coming days, based on last year’s crossover.

This would set up a PUBG crossover within DbD next year. It is technically possible to create two crossovers within the same holiday and month, but it would be too much for developers to accomplish.

For now, the developers have only commented on the PUBG partnership, but it is unclear if the leak is true or not. For now, the developers have only commented on the leak.


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