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Heardle Error: Heardle Won’t Play the Today’s Song, How to Fix it?



Heardle Error Heardle Won't Play the Today's Song, How to fix it

(CTN News) – Many clones and variations have started popping up since Wordle became popular.

Another clone is Heardle, which lets players guess the song’s name based on a snippet of music.

Maybe you got an error when you tried to play Heardle today. Today’s Heardle guide will explain the error in full!

I’m getting an error in Heardle.

Heardle fans were confused today when they tried playing the game and got this error:

It’s a disaster! You can’t listen to it on SoundCloud where you are. Sorry, but we can’t control it. Heardle is for everyone. Thanks for playing with us! ”””

Let’s explain a few things first to understand this error. All of Heardle’s songs come from SoundCloud, a popular music service that abides by copyright laws. Any artist can stop their song from playing in certain places.

Heardle can’t access a song if it has been blocked by a copyright request, which results in the error you see today.

Unless the Heardle developers were aware of the copyright block until they had already used the song for today’s song, there’s not much they can do.

That’s why you got an error playing Heardle today. I hope we’ll get an accessible song tomorrow! Let us know if you have any other questions about Heardle!

Heardle says the song is unavailable in my country; how to fix it?

Heardle is played by millions of people worldwide, but the developers can’t access Spotify to play songs.

Because of this, Heardle uses MP3 files from SoundCloud, a platform with some limitations in some places.

If you don’t have access to SoundCloud’s entire catalogue, don’t worry, there’s a solution that lets you play Heardle without problems.

  • Download a VPN on your phone or computer first. You should download one of these.
  • Once the VPN is downloaded, please open it and select a North American server.
  • That’s it. Just enter the Heardle game from your browser with the VPN already on.

To avoid the famous playback error, you’ll need a VPN to play Heardle. You don’t always need to use this tool since not all songs are blocked (try playing without a VPN).

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