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New Wordle Easter Egg added to Google Search, Check Out how to Find It




A new Wordle Easter egg has been released by Google. A Google search for Wordle opens the search engine result page with an animated Easter egg in the top left corner. The Easter egg looks like the popular green, yellow, and grey boxes. Prior to all the green boxes aligning to spell Google, the animation will display the words “GOALIE” and “COLUMN.” The Easter egg is viewable on both mobile and desktop devices.

Please note that it is not an interactive Google Doodle. By clicking the animation, you will be taken to another Google search page. The Google Doodles stay up for one day, but the search-specific Easter eggs might stay up even longer. As both Goalie and Column are reflected in yellow, green, and grey colored boxes, the word Google is reflected in green square boxes.

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What is Wordle?

The game is simple and enjoyable, similar to a crossword puzzle. Each day, you can play and solve Wordle. Word games lovers have developed the game and it has been published on a website named Power Language ( The game has become popular amongst netizens, from celebrities to high school kids, all of them are playing it. Since no clues are given as to what the word is, the game creates curiosity and it is fun to guess each and every letter, and within a few chances at that. The inclusion of color-coded hints makes it an over-the-top game, thus making it innovative and creative.

More about Wordle

Josh Wardle built the game for his friends, but it became so popular that he decided to release it. Everyone is playing the game, which has gained a lot of popularity among internet users. The game has grown in popularity since October, with more than 2.7 million users as of Monday. As there are no clues as to how to guess the word, people are intrigued, and it’s fun to guess each letter within a few chances. This game is outrageously imaginative and innovative because of its color-coded ideas.

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