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Diablo 4: How To Create The Highest Damage Necromancer Leveling Build?



Diablo 4: How To Create The Highest Damage Necromancer Leveling Build?

With the official release of Diablo 4 approaching, we are trying to work hard to break through these barriers as soon as possible. To this end, we have been planning our builds and synergies. That way, we don’t have to stop and fix things when we’re in the game.


So today I’m going to talk about Necromancer in Diablo 4 and our plans. It’s an incredibly powerful build based on Bone, and it also has various Bone-based abilities and help you farm more Diablo 4 Gold.

Everything about Necromancer revolves around Powerhouse, Bone Spear of the entire build. We have a fantastic synergy between high Crit and Essence Generation. While also constantly making enemies vulnerable and spawning massive corpses to benefit from.

Diablo 4 - Best Highest Damage Necromancer Leveling Build - 1-50 FAST & EASY - Full Skills Guide!

So let’s jump right into the build. We’ll start by covering Necromancer’s abilities, then we’ll discuss Book of the Dead and Aspects at the end.


As always, we start with its basic skills.

Basic Skills

We’ll be using Bone Splinters and some Diablo 4 Uniques Items for Bone-based builds. We are buffing Bone damage. So it’s also a good idea to have Bone as our base skill, which would make a great Essence Generator.

When we spam out three Bone Splinters, we’ll buff it for extra projectiles. Additionally, this grants an 8% critical strike chance for four seconds. If we hit the same enemy at least three times with these. While using it, it periodically does a lot of crits damage, which will synergize and come later.

Diablo 4 builds Best Necromancer skills to get - Polygon

Core Skills

Now let’s take a look at one of our core skills, Paranormal. We can summon Bone Spear from the ground and pierce enemies. Of course, we can also enhance it by splitting it into three shards when it is destroyed.

Then there’s Supernatural Bone Spear. It makes the first enemy hit by Bone Spear vulnerable for three seconds. This will allow us to add 15 damage. At the same time, Essence of our core skills has increased by 9%.

Once we actually start getting Essence Generation in Diablo 4, we can upgrade it. But still need an Unliving Energy. It could increase our Essence Max cap by three levels.

At two out of three damage we have 12 chances to create a COP at the target location, which is double against the boss. And in single target boss fights, having a way to generate COP will allow us to keep our minions going.

We can increase its damage range, but we’re going to use Blighted Aspect. It causes the explosion to leave this goop circle on the ground, dealing Shadow damage over 6 seconds. It means that we only need to buy D4 Gold with a small amount to create these damage pools.

Gives us really good damage in AOE, it increases our fighter’s damage and health by 45%, which is a huge spike in passive skill damage.

Necromancer Skills Preview - Diablo 4

Passive Skill

We also have Grim Harvest and Fueled by Death. Grim Harvest means that every time we actually consume a corpse, we only increase our damage by 9% for six seconds. It’s just perfect synergy. We don’t even need extra Diablo 4 Gold for sale to transfer the benefits of the corpse explosion to the next skill tree.

That’s why we want to choose Decrepify. It curses enemies in an area, slowing affected enemies by 40% and taking 20% less damage. Abhorrent Decrepify gives us 15 chances to reduce reaction cooldowns by one second after hitting an enemy.

This will greatly reduce our cooldown when we hit many enemies with Decrepify. In our case with Mages, we got another boost to our minions, increasing life damage by 60%.

Finally, we found another passive in Diablo 4, Death’s Embrace. This will increase the damage the enemy takes from us by 6%. And it deals 9% less damage to us. Especially late in Diablo 4, just getting close to them gives you 6% bonus damage.

How To Enhance Bone Skills?

As you can see under the hood. We have many ways to enhance our Bone skills. Starting with Serration, our Bone skills gain a 1.5% increase in critical strike chance for every 10 Essences we have.

So the more skills you have at the time, the more crits you’ll get. And crit is very important to this build. Since we’re able to run our Essence Generator every time we take a critical hit and it randomly drops Diablo 4 Gold, this really has a nice synergy.

We’ll be using Bone Storm as the main Bone build, which causes Bone to spawn around you. With this build, our Bone skill still does more damage and has a reduced cooldown.

And your Golems take damage over time when we stand near them after augmentation. This will reduce our damage by 15 and ultimately give Supreme Bone Storm a 20% increased critical chance when active.

Book Of The Dead

Now let’s talk about Book of the Dead for our warriors. I’d use it with Reapers for decent AOE power.

But we’re doing an upgrade, which means they have a 15% chance to cast Carve Flesh when they take damage. We spawn a corpse after using this spell, which synergizes with when we pop the corpse. We’ll gain Essence and increase damage, which is the main one.

Diablo 4 Necromancer Class Mechanic - The Book of the DEAD!

Then we will level up with Mage Cold. This means that every time Cold Mages’ major attack deals damage, you gain two Essences. So essentially, even spawning Essences from your minions is great for Golem.


Finally, I want to talk about two Aspects. While there are many more Aspects that would be great in Diablo 4, I think these two are the most important.

Splintering Aspect

Splintering Aspect is what causes Bone Spear’s primary attack to make enemies hit more vulnerable than the first hit for up to 2.5 seconds. This means our Bone Spear hits them and makes them vulnerable. Bone Splinters spawned by Bone Spear also deal 50 to 100 bonus damage to any Vulnerable enemies.

So these Aspects make it a spread ability that can make enemies Vulnerable, penetrates everything, and is powerful in AOE.

All Necromancer Aspects and How to Get Them in Diablo 4 - Gamer Haul

Aspect Of Torment

Then we have Aspect of Torment, which means your Essence regenerates 20%-30% faster for 4 seconds after a critical strike with your Bone skill. We’re constantly creating in this build, which means we’re also constantly producing Essence.

All in all, hopefully with all of this you can see how much synergy Necromancer has between its Essence Generator, high crit, high crit damage, and effectively spreading Vulnerability. I think this build should lead to a very strong Necromancer experience as you level up. So I hope this helps you have more powerful upgrade builds in Diablo 4.

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